Joan Marie Severance
Houston, Texas, USA

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Joan Severance's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Sex & Consequences 1 Review
1999 Last Seduction II, The 2 Reviews
1997 In Dark Places 2 Reviews
1996 Profile for Murder 3 Reviews
1995 Payback 6 Reviews
1995 Dangerous Indiscretion 2 Reviews
1995 Black Scorpion 5 Reviews
1994 Criminal Passion 3 Reviews
1993 Lake Consequence 5 Reviews
1992 Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare 0 Reviews
1992 Illicit Behavior 5 Reviews
1992 Almost Pregnant 4 Reviews
1991 Write to Kill 1 Review
1991 Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind 1 Review
1989 See No Evil, Hear No Evil 12 Reviews

Joan Severance's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1992 Red Shoe Diaries 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Joan Severance member submitted

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)
Cyclone was written on January 22, 2000

Full nudity from both the front and back

Joan pretty much bares all in this episode, and she certainly looks awfully good. We get a nice overhead view of her breasts, and the occasional close-up look at them, but the best scene has her standing in front of a mirror without any clothes. Tits, ass, and bush are all very visible and definitely worth checking out.

Condor was written on May 7, 1999

full frontal nice scene

1 more good episode in a lousy series by Zalman KingJoan looks as usualy great but also have 1 good nude scene. actualy there r 2 nude scenes with her just the first is the usual Kings crapso I wont even mention it beyond that u can see a glimse of her wonderfull chestthe second is the good 1 u see a guy strips joan of her dress while she is standing in front of a 3 way mirror then when her dress falls she is com;etly naked on hugh heels a real treatthan through some intercuts she is densing with that guy still on high heels and naked and u can get a great view of her georgeous ASS. she surtainly got an Ass to remember!

axl was written on September 27, 1999

fully nude

Severance is beautiful and to see her fully nude in this was quite a treat.

Sex & Consequences (2006)
Hamm_Sodomy was written on July 3, 2007

several breast shots

An older woman has an affair with an 18 year-old male. She shows breasts several times, but you never see her male lover or her husband nude. She reminds me of Janice Dickinson.

Last Seduction II, The (1999)
burncity79 was written on November 2, 2000

not nude but sooo good

no nudity but seriously hot action, joan does a bit of condom chewing as her man goes down on her and then some dick sucking...all the while wearing sexy black nylons and black heels, so she isn't naked, so what....this is spectacular!

curver was written on March 11, 2000

Nothing nude

Joan is sexy as usual-but she shows us nothing except her back and maybe a quick side-shot.The movie doesn't come close to the first one(see Linda Fiorentino...soooo hot) and is a wasteof your money and time.

In Dark Places (1997)
Ozzie700 was written on September 8, 2002

2 scenes

At around 37 minutes she and a guy go into a back office area as her brother is fooling around with his girlfriend. He gets a distant view of Joan's breasts being smushed against the window, and then from a side view. This is flashed back to 10 minutes later. At about an hour and 7 minutes, her brother interrupts her lesbian session, runs the woman out, and finally has sex with Joan. Her breasts can be seen clearly for most of this lengthy scene. This may sound exciting, but it's really a mostly dull movie. She's done better.

icebag2 was written on August 30, 2009

Breasts only, but they're good nes

Her first nude scene in this tawdry thriller is shot in dim backlight. Nice looks at her breasts, but cuts are quick and her breasts are seen mostly in outline. She’s got big softball-sized ones with really fine nips. There’s a brief flashback later on that shows mostly nip shoots. The second scene is better. A lesbian tryst gets interrupted and we see Joan sitting, leaning against a brick wall, topless. It’s a head-on view of a very nice pair and the camera lingers. The only point of this shot is to show off her chest for sure and finally make this movie worth watching. There are a couple more glimpses as she switches to doing something sexual with the lead guy, but they aren’t much. Though this film does not contain her most revealing work, we thank Joan every time she takes her top off.

Profile for Murder (1996)
LeroyBrown was written on December 21, 2000

A couple of quick peeks at her breast

The first time is when she is in a bathtub. She starts masturbating but we don't see much because her nipples are underwater and covered by bubbles. But they do pop out a couple of times. The scene is intercut with her fantasy of a threesome with a murder suspect and another woman. While in the tub, Joan raises her best assets a couple of times; her gorgeous legs. She's done better nudity but this scene is one of her hottest, although it's a ripoff of Sharon Stone's scene in 'SLIVER'. The other scene is when she's having sex with the murder suspect. Breast a couple of times but not very good looks. Like I said Joanie's done better nudity.

Chicago was written on December 30, 2001

2 scenes

While both of the previous reviewers' descriptions are right, hot with minimal nudity, since we're rating nudity and not steam, you have to give Joan's scene at :33.75-:35 2*s. Most views are quick and obscured, but it is fairly hot with her legs up on the side of the tub and she's gyrating. At 1:03-1:04.5, Joan's having sex with the guy on a sail boat, where you can make out the outline of her breasts from a medium distance a couple of times as seen down the hall...but nothing else.

thedoc was written on June 10, 2001


I thought just a bathroom scene but this masturbation scene hits up there with the hot fever that Shannon Tweed did in "Surrogate".

Payback (1995)
Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Sex on the hood of a car

Joan is completely buff (except for a pair of socks)as a guy goes at it between her thighs while they sit on the hood of a car. He's going so hard that the car begins to rock back and forth while Joan pants and moans. The sex isn't as good as the scene in the kitchen, but the nudity is better since you get to see her breasts and a sideview of the rest of her body.

muffmate was written on September 22, 2002

couple scenes

The first scene starts with her up a ladder. The guy starts licking her legs while she puts up limited resistance. Then he lifts her dress showing her panties and as he's kissing her, puts his thumb right on her 'button' through her panties. They go into the kitchen where he cuts her bra off giving us a nice view of her breasts and goes down for oral. We can see him mouth her through her panties then brief dark bush as he rips her panties off. He still has his mouth on her pussy at this point. They then go at it pretty hard; she says to him 'Not to come in her' which is never gonna happen.....
The second scene on the car hood, she is riding him with her legs around his back. We get great views of her tits and couple close ups of the top of her bush. She looks great in this scene - she's in excellent shape.

Gordon was written on November 16, 1999

Banging around in the kitchen

A guy rips open the front of Joan's dress and cuts her bra open with a knife when he has problems unhooking it. After fondling her a bit, he gets her on a countertop and begins hitting her hard between the legs. The two of then flail around in frantic ecstasy, knocking things all over the place. Joan seems to like it hard and hurried, because she squeals out in pleasure several times. The sex is torrid and stimulating, but disappointingly there isn't a whole lot of nudity, except for some breast exposure.

boba was written on April 29, 2001

big nosed whore

Joan is sexy. We get to see her as she stands atop a ladder, and he licks the back of her thighs. Then he cuts her shirt and bra off with a knife, as they go at it in a rough scene. He puts his mouth over her underwear, his mouth right on her crotch, and bush is visible! Later, they straddle each other naked on top of a car, hugging tightly, her white long legs wrapped around him. Another desperate actress willing to degrade herself. Give us more, Joan.

NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999


It appears that I have the uncensored version unlike that mentioned in the review by Mr_Bigglesworth. What a scene! C. Thomas Howell tries to seduce an unsuspecting Joan Severance by kissing her between her thighs, whilst she is up a ladder with her back facing him. She fiercely resists but soon gives in. He rips her blouse, and then her bra using a knife, kisses her breasts and then nuzzles her crotch, and they end up having passionate sex and continue even when Joan's blind husband walks into the room. This is reminiscent of the passionate scene between Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson in The Postman Rings Twice, where Jessica initially resists fiercely, and then gives in. One of the most torrid scenes ever.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 21, 1999

Pretty hot scene

We see her passionately making love with C. Thomas Howell on top of a car. We just see her breasts, but we get a good look at them and she acts real hot. Even though the video box said it was uncut, this is the only sex scene in the movie.

Dangerous Indiscretion (1995)
Condor was written on July 9, 1999

1 good scene

the nudity is very obscure. u can see Joan naked only in the dark and with lots of intercuts in the scenes. But stiil there is one good scene and its the first qne so u dont have to sit through this boring movie. a guy rips Joans cloths untill shes in her panties then she crowling on her stomack while her pulls her panties down to give us a great look (shot from her head) at her great arse then he forces his tighs on her ass. Very Hot!

Serna was written on November 11, 2000

arse up

There are a couple of sexy scenes in this movie with Joan getting her tits and butt out. The best moment is brief but beautiful with her crawling away from C Thomas Howell on the floor. He pulls down her knickers to show her perfect round arse and then forces himself against her. It's only brief but great for fans of sex from behind scenes.

Black Scorpion (1995)
mrstargazer was written on July 15, 2001

Quick Bush Shot

I have the DVD version of this movie. The scene on the bed uses a body double. Those are not Severance's breasts, you can tell by the size and shape of the areola. However, there is a screne where she is dressed in a black latex costume. During a fight scene, as she is held from behind by an Asian man, she spreads and lifts her fishnet covered legs to reveal a beautiful, albeit very hairy, bush. The scene lasts about 2 minutes, with several frames of bush, as she karate kicks and struggles to escape. You have to use the pause button a lot, but trust me, it's worth the price of the DVD, just to see this hidden bush shot. I'll bet she doesn't even know about it.

NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999

Probably body double

The Black Scorpion is a masked heroine of sorts played by Joan Severance. In the only semi-nude scene she straddled her boyfriend while he is half conscious and proceeds to have sex with her breasts revealed. I think this might have been a body double, 'cos being a big fan of Joan, I can recognise her breasts. Disappointing.

Ghostwords was written on July 3, 2012

Wishful thinking?

There is a shot at around 0:35:00 where she takes a shower, but it's all in fuzzy silhouette. If the previous reviewer who mentioned accidental bush meant the fight at around 0:45:00, I sure didn't see any, but I would point out there's a lot of shadow and interference patterns from those fishnets.

Ghostwords was written on July 3, 2012

Body double?

The big sex scene occurs around 1:10:00, when our heroine - still in costume - throws her ex-partner onto his bed and jumps him. We see both breasts and most of her butt, but the latter could be anyone's and the former are only in shot with the owner's face once, and the actress is swinging her head around, so you can't be sure it's Ms Severance. They don't look like the boobs she had in Hear No Evil See No Evil (these appear to have darker, more prominent areolae), but six years (and plastic surgery, seeing as she was now 37?) might be the explanation.

thedoc was written on January 26, 2001

bedroom scene

I recently viewed this movie and have seen her fabulous body in various locales, and can say that is no body double.

Criminal Passion (1994)
Antman was written on November 28, 1999

Thee scenes

Another opportunity to admire Ms Severance's beutiful body. (56 min) Breasts and brief butt mostly seen from underwater when she and a guy have sex in a swimming pool. (80 min) Nude shown from the rear while drying herself and getting dressed after getting out of the pool. (83 min) A pretty good topless scene of Joan standing near a piano after a guy takes her shirt off. This is kind of a long scene that is interrupted several times by intercuts of other scenes.

McKinnon was written on March 28, 2011

Her peak

The reviews are excellent. The scene at the piano is one to watch. There is another scene, clothed, where she is in an elevator at a construction site, being groped from behind by John Allen Nelson, as the men on each level leer at her as she moans and pants and climaxes...it\'s a wonderful scene. Joan at this time I think was at her most sexy and this is the type of thriller no one makes now.

icebag2 was written on November 5, 2009

Buns from God

We gladly suffer the mediocre movies Joan plays in to see such a beautiful face on top of such a beautiful body. There are a few breast shots scattered throghout the movie, but they seem incidental, because we only ever see one breast at a time. Maybe seeing both at the same time might blow our fuses. What this movie celebrates is her amazing butt, first in an underwater scene where it’s so round and tight, and second in a scene getting out of a pool and drying herself off where we see such a combination of muscle and grace that we dare not approach - only admire from a distance. Is the hard tug she has to make to get her jeans over this bountious bum an intentional effort to confirm our impression? See it for yourself.

Lake Consequence (1993)
DBW was written on January 24, 1999

lots of scenes - full nudity and sex

You see every part of Severance at one time or another in this movie. Thereare sex scenes with Billy Zane, and a long opium den/bathhouse sequence including a three-way with Severance, Zane and another woman (I forgether name). If you're into Zalman King's brand of pretentious romantic sleaze,this should do the trick.

BushLeague was written on October 13, 2002

Bitsh sprinkled through movie

This is the unrated version. Judging by her other "R" and unrateds, the unrated is way superior and the "R" probably shows little or none of Joan naked. Lying in bed, well lit half cantaloupe of a tit with pencil eraser nip pointing to the heavens. Darkly lit fantasy sequence that has "body double" screaming at the top of its voice shows a well rounded firm left bun up a skirt and later lying down. Plus a brief flash of firm titmouse and matted black bush while "she" is being caressed. Another darkly lit fantasy sequence actually show's Joan's right marshmallow and her face. A brief double flash of mammaries may be a double. Finally another darkened spa scene gives a brief flash of both perfect pushkins attached to her face. She is shown descending into a hot tub, and her Venus De Milo figure and thick matted triangle give a brief buzz, but hard cut to Joan's face indicate a probable double. Later in the hot tub, her pontoons buoy above the water and her face is in the same scene. Then another girl (May) gets in the tub and gently kisses her luscious upward pointing nips (my hard on did not go away for 30 minutes!). Some more three way in the tub and it is over. Brief (well lit!) shots of her pert puppies during a daylight "rape" scene in the grass, then long extended views from a low angle as the guy muff dives her creamy crevice (no pubes!), but outstanding flat stomach and languous legs are visible. Very brief right side flash of tit, back and round, firm, globes of a bottom as guy rips off a coat she's wearing. Not exactly a (wet) dream come true, but from Joan almost any thing gets my dander up! Check out the unrated version of "Almost Pregnant" for some better lit and longer views of her gorgeous globes and rack.

Shooter was written on October 31, 1999

3 way in a bath house

Nice scene with Joan and another woman and some lucky man. Get the unrated version because it shows Joan and the other woman alot more.

muffmate was written on September 22, 2002

pool scene

A three way in the pool begins with her removing her robe showing initially her great firm tits. Second shot as she steps into the pool gives a great shot of her dark beaver, nicely trimmed but still pretty thick pubes.
Another scene with Billy Zane in a field she gets her tits out and Billy Zane goes down on her. And he gets his mouth right in there too. A very quick flash of pubes here again

RichT was written on November 26, 2001

Joan AND another sexy naked chick ...... WOW !!!

This film would have deserved the full 4 stars for just Joan's nude performance, but combine that with the other sexy nude chick as well, and we get at least a 6-7 star movie. Zalman King is aptly named, as he is certainly one of the "kings" of B-movie nudity, along with Fred Olen Ray and Gregory Hippolyte ..... thanks guys !

Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare (1992)
Illicit Behavior (1992)
cecil was written on September 14, 2002

undress, shower, sex scenes

The version broadcast on Showtime shows the kitchen sex scene, but cuts out the nudity. We see her breasts five other times. Close up side view of right breast as she removes her bra, full side view in the shower but through frosted glass so we can't see clearly, a far away scene as she removes her bra (arms block her breasts) and panties and we see her rear, breasts in sex scene in a car with Robert Davi, in bed the next morning we see her right breast as Robert Davi leans down to kiss it.

FreightTrain was written on August 27, 2007

Multiple scenes throughout the film

About 12 minutes into the film, Joan and Jack Scalia start a longish sex scene in their kitchen - the side of her butt is visible as her clothes are stripped and she's pushed up against the fridge. Then he pushes her onto her back on a counter, strips off her top and roughly massages her breasts. Finally, he turns her onto her stomach and continues to bang away. This scene is well lit. At 52 minutes, Joan shows the side of her breasts, then her bottom followed by a nice close-up shot of her breasts. At 59 minutes, there's a brief shower peek, followed by Joan parading before Robert Davi in a revealing white T-shirt - sexy, if not nude. At 67 minutes, Robert Davi can't resist any longer and decides to get a mouthful of Joan's breasts, while parked in the cemetary. He must have liked it, because he goes for it again at 71:10. Aside from Joan's nudity, the film has an intersting plot with more twists than a pretzel. Joan Severance is much more believable as an amoral, conniving housewife than as a hard-nosed cop. Robert Davi is great as a brooding internal affairs detective. All in all, a great watch. This review is based on the Dutch import DVD labeled 'Criminal Intent'.

LeroyBrown was written on September 24, 2002

Breasts mulltiple times but short duration. *1/2

First, sex in the kitchen with her husband (Jack Scalia) but nothing shown. Sex in bed with hubby she was on the edge of the bed while her legs was up against his chest and feet up on his shoulder, as another reviewer said shot rarely seen outside porn. She was wearing pajama top so nothing seen. She went to Robert Davi's house during a rainstorm, closeup of her right breast as she removed wet clothes but face was not seen, later in flashback she repeats act of undressing but seen at a distant. Next sex scene with Davi in car breasts were showing longer look at her right breast than left. Following morning she was in bed topless, Davi and her start kissing, her breast got uncovered and the lucky pockmarked faced bastard suckled her right breast.

palmreader was written on March 11, 2000

some questionable sex scenes

in her first scene, with her husband in the kitchen,he takes off her shirt but you don't see her face in this shot. then he turns her over and bends her over the counter(close-ups of him grinding her so hard the counter looks like it will break) and another scene in the bedroom where he employs a position rarely seen outside of a porno movie. then joan moves on to the next guy, flashing her ass and breast at him while changing out of a wet outfit. then she rides him in his car(where you see her face and breasts together-hot) and then right before her husband almost busts her with her lover, they're in bed together and he's chewing on her nipples. the movie is unspectacular and not even close to her best work.

Serna was written on November 11, 2000

kitchen table

The car scene's pretty good with a good shot of her breasts and plenty of sexy panting. The kitchen scene is hot with Scalia banging away aginst her ass for sometime. Lots of noise. But you don't see her face and can't be sure it's Joan whose on the end of the action. She shows tits and arse elsewhere but it would be nice to know this was her. The film is called CRIMINAL INTENT in the UK.

Almost Pregnant (1992)
BushLeague was written on July 18, 2002

Probably only in the unrated version

All scenes are in bedroom in Jeff. A body double is credited at the end. She probably does the "dance of the seven veils", although laterJoan proves she certainly could move her hips almost as well as the belly dancer. Her face is covered with a veil. Her large round symmetrical tits are visible during the dance, as well as the lower two-thirds of her legs. When the face veil is removed to show Joan's face, no tits are visible. This body double is such a perfect match for Joan (especially in the nose), I believe the body double to be a Red Herring from the "R" version! In another scene, it is definitely Joan. She is wearing an army shirt over panty hose(!) with the arms cut off. With the help of Jeff, she strips down to pantyhose and boots while her hair covers her tits. But the hair was not glued to her tits and falls away several times to reveal those luscious mammaries. During later sex scenes she is nude and only a vain attempt is made to cover her tits. She is also shown several times completely nude from the side and partial tits from the front. Has god invented a more gorgeous rack or face?--although the butt is a little to flat for my tastes.

dougal was written on September 27, 1999

Several scenes, some doubtful

Joan severance has several very sexy scenes in this film, mostly sexual horseplay, played at least somewhat for laughs.I am not sure that all of the shots that purport to be her necessarily are, however. In particular, the (very nice) shots of her torso with slides being projected on it, do not show her face, and the breasts do not seem quite right. Not a complaint, just a note about how puzzled I am at how this actress seems to mix in occasional body-double use for no real reason. It's not like she's shy!Note:The rating of three is mostly for the overall sexiness of her work in the film. The nudity (especially if my suspicions about the double are true) would probably only rate a 2 or even 1 on its own.

ff was written on June 15, 2004

not as good as Tanya Robert`s scenes but still quiet explicit

She first gets topless while dancing in a belly dancer outfit. Although her face is not clearly shown it`s definitely her. I mean her breasts seems to match and her nose and bone structure is the same it seems pretty ridiculous for other people to think that this scene was doubled since at one point her face was at the same shot. Not much is shown in this scene just a few flashes of breasts every now and then from a bit of a distance. the second scene is where she is performing a striptease for Jeff Conway you see her boobs from the side but the goods are mostly covered by her long hair with just occasional glimpses of nipple. The next one is a nice montage that inter cut between her having sex with Jeff Conway and Tanya`s scene with two other men. You first see her trying different sex positions but again her hair covers her breasts but we are treated to few shots of her butt however the camera angle never gives us a decent look at it either. Then you see her fooling around with whip cream giving us some more mediocre shots of her breasts and butt and maybe even a bit of bush. What follows is the scene that was done by a body double. You see both breasts clearly but her face is never on the shot and if you compare it to the other scenes her breasts don`t seem to match. then you see her in a pretty explicit scene where she goes at it doggy style but as usual not much is shown.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 21, 1999

A few nude scenes

Some brief full fronta, during a scene in which we see her try out a variety of sex positionsl and we do get some good glimpses of her breasts. As well as her behind when she dances around in a G-string.

Write to Kill (1991)
Immy was written on December 11, 2005

Topless (1:01)

Oooh yeah, vintage Joan here in a very steamy love scene with Scott Valentine that goes on for a little more than a minute. Several nice profile shots of her great rack. When they wake up the next morning some bad guys are breaking into the house so they have to get dressed really fast. While rummaging thru the closet Scott throws Joan a man's shirt to put on which produces another quick look at her hooters.

Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind (1991)
lonewolf_13 was written on July 18, 2000

riding kris kristoferson

There's a brief sex scene where she has sex with Kris Kristoferson's character. You only get a brief shot of her breasts and the scene is only about a minute long.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)
soulman was written on July 5, 2002

Tits In The Shower.

Severance (who looks so damn hot in this film) has a shower scene. She's raeaching for a bag for her towel with soap in her eyes unware that Gene Wilder is hold the bag. You see her right tit. Later when she leave the bathroom she has the towel draped over her. She drops the towel and you get a better look at her tits. She's done better in other films. A whole body shot would've been better (and rated an extra *). Funny gag with Wilder's finger in his pocket, too.

Cyclone was written on March 26, 2003

Out of the shower

Joan's nude scene starts about 69 minutes into the film, when she leans out of the shower, reaching for her bag. We get two clear looks at her left breast. Then, about 2 minutes later, she is forced to drop her towel, and we get a frontal view that shows most of her breasts. Not a bad scene, and Joan definitely looks good, but be warned that there is an alternate version of this film that doesn't show her breasts when she drops her towel.

Chicago was written on September 16, 2002

2 scenes

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Joan's scenes, so I'll just add times. At 1:08.75 is when her left breast is viewable as she's reaching for the bag--20 sec. At 1:10.75-1:12 is when she drops tow for Gene...partial breasts at the bottom of the screen cut off with 3/4ths of her areola viewed throughout.

RichT was written on November 26, 2001

Is that a gun in your pocket ?

Funny film, sexy woman, GREAT gag ! The shower scene, where Mr Wilder has to quickly "improvise" by putting his hand in his trouser pocket, to make Joan think he is pointing a gun at her, is an absolute classic! Firstly, by doing this he manges to get Joan to "put her hands up", therefore dropping her towel and hence revealing her fantastic breasts ! Secondly, and if you blink you'll miss the gag, just as he is about to exit the room, he removes his hand from his trouser pocket , BUT he still appears to be still pointing a very dangerous "weapon" at Joan (and weren't we all ?). Careful Joan, cos it's "fully loaded" and about to "shoot" !!!

ILMAGIC was written on November 15, 1999

alternate versions????

Some Clue me in.... I have a version fo See No Evil Hear No Evil and the scene where Gene Wilder is pointing his Gun at her and her towel drops is only from the top of her breasts up to her face... no actual breasts visible... But Yet i have seen screen shots from the movie where it shows her full actual breasts in that same shot! Is it just MY copy or are there actually 2 versions?

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

1 Scene - 2 Parts

Great and funny movie with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. I just love Joan. She is showering and you can kind of see her ass through the shower door. She steps out for a second to grab something and we get to see short-med range shots of her beautiful breasts in great lighting. A few seconds later she comes out of the bathroom and then is ordered to drop her towel by Wilder. We see a good close range shot of 3/4 of her breasts with nipples.

skinnyman was written on July 21, 2001

Shower Scene

About 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through, when at the hotel, Joan is having a shower leans out to get something out of her bag and you get a good side on view, then she comes out of the shower where Gene Wilder is searching for the coin. She is wearing a towel round her, when he tells her to put here hands up and you get to see all of her top half, its a great scene but something doesn't look right about her boobs.

alekhidell was written on February 10, 2000


You can see her nipples thru a shirt shes wearing. Then shes in the shower and you can see her blurred thru the door. She reaches out to grab a bag and you can see her tits, and you can tell shes nude but the bag hides her bush. Then later she gets out of the shower and again shes nude but the towel covers her. Then shes wearing the towel, and Gene Wilder makes her take it off and you can see her tits again. She looks great in this movie.

nudity_elitist was written on July 20, 2002

nice, from what we see

Joan sure surprised me since I was expecting nothing along the lines of nudity at all in this one. But it left me frustrated and wanting a better look. The best look was from the side at her lefty. Her breast looked fantastic from this angle. Then we get a view from the front but her tits were cut off by the bottom of the screen right at the bottom of the nipples so that really didn't reveal much more. Her areolas were very transparent.

Ghostwords was written on July 3, 2012


The scene opens with Ms Severance taking a shower; we see full rear nudity through a semi-opaque glass door (poss body double, but unlikely). Gene Wilder watches as she leans out of the shower and reaches for a towel; we are shown the side of her left breast and enough hip to know she 's not wearing panties. As she gets out of the cubicle, she holds the towel in front of her, but drops it when he pretends to have a gun; this time, both breasts are in clear shot.

Ghostwords was written on July 3, 2012


The scene I described in my previous review is apparently cropped in the widescreen DVD and BluRay versions, so that you do not see the full topless shot.
You can see the original framing here: http://www.celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/11103

There is also a scene where she's wearing see-through lingerie and her nipples are clearly visible.

Hoss was written on February 1, 1999

You see her boobs as she gets out of the shower

Good scene because Joan Severance is beautiful.

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