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2004 Shameless (UK) 2 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
Ozzie700 was written on April 28, 2010

Art class; series 7 episode 15

Joanna's character Maxine decides to pose naked for an art class. The instructor accidentally walks in on her when her robe isn't fully closed, and there are some glimpses at her small breasts, as she is happy to see him and doesn't care that much about her robe being open. Then when she's actually modeling, they show her from the back/side, with a glimpse at her left breast.

Ozzie700 was written on February 17, 2010

Sex scene; series 7 episode 5

Joanna plays young nurse Maxine. Someone walks in on her riding a guy. The camera angles aren't great, you mostly see her back, and a side view of her left breast/nipple.

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