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2007 Becoming Jane 1 Review
2007 Across the Universe 2 Reviews

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Becoming Jane (2007)
Mattg was written on December 19, 2007

A tiny bit of butt

Joe Anderson is model hot (he was a model in fact.) We briefly see his butt for fleeting seconds as he strips off for the skinny dipping scene with James McAvoy.

Across the Universe (2007)
Derek was written on December 8, 2007

Fantasy sequence

The characters are swimming in water and are each shown nude. Blond Anderson shows his lovely arse.

Mattg was written on July 26, 2008

Brief butt in dream sequence

Joe Anderson is incredibly hot and seems to have no problem doing the occasional nude scene. In this interesting if not uninspiring musical, he shows his butt during an underwater dream sequence. Decent view, but very quick.

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