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year title
1996 Naked Detective, The 2 Reviews
1995 Bikini Bistro 2 Reviews
1990 Party Incorporated 1 Review
1990 Marilyn Diaries, The 1 Review

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Naked Detective, The (1996)
moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

brief ass

one star because it is so brief

Derek was written on January 16, 1999

Love scenes

A couple of love scenes which show ever-so-brief glimpses of Altamura's behind. The scenes could have been much more, particularly with the very un-shy Altamura.

Bikini Bistro (1995)
Claude was written on September 29, 1998

Embarassment and subsequent love scene

Handsome stud loses bet with a waitress and must strip off all his clothes for her. Good embarassment scene, although it could have been played up more. Decent shots of Altamura as he makes love.

Derek was written on October 25, 1998

Embrassment and love scene

Ditto for Claude's take. The embrassment context is the most interesting aspect about this one.

Party Incorporated (1990)
Darien was written on September 29, 1998

Drops trou

Good enough shot of his ass while he drops trou to show of body. He is wearing a thong, though, and is not completely nude.

Marilyn Diaries, The (1990)
Lee was written on September 29, 1998

Embarassemnt scene

An excellent scene for embarassment enthusisasts (and there are many). Altamura follows Marylin Chambers into apartment building hallway weraing only a towel. Angry with him, she takes his towel and leaves him stranded amid other people in the nude as he seeks cover! Give us more embarassment scenes like these!

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