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2009 Book of Blood 3 Reviews

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2012 Hit and Miss 2 Reviews

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Hit and Miss (2012)
mcjw2011 was written on February 10, 2013

Wide shot; removing condom

You do see Armstrong showing off that nice ass he displayed previously in "Book of Blood." You get a wide view of him from the back in the bathroom, removing a condom. You only see his ass, no frontal this time.

mcjw2011 was written on November 17, 2013

Episode 3, sex scene and post-coitus

The scene I mentioned below, plus two more scenes of Jonas' fine ass, are in episode 3. Jonas' character has an impromptu quickie with Chloe's character (by now he knows she's transgender). He's wearing a orange plaid shirt in that scene, and you get a partially shadowed view of his bum as he tugs down his pants. Then after the bathroom scene (him removing the condom), Chloe decides to leave, pulling away the sheet. He's dozing fully nude, on his stomach, allowing for a full side view of his nicely butt. There's also another shirtless scene after that, where he's wearing sweatpants. (Shame the makeup used to cover the tattoo on his right arm looks like an ugly bruise.)

Book of Blood (2009)
mcjw2011 was written on January 11, 2012

Robin Hood finally shows his manhood

When he played Robin Hood in that BBC series a few years back, his ass looked good in those tight breeches he wore. Playing the main role in "Book of Blood" (his character's skin is like an actual book of the dead to write their stories on). And befitting a story that involves a man's naked skin, Jonas shows every bit. You get a really good look at his ass earlier on as he walks through the house nude. You also get a distant view of Armstrong pulling off his underwear and standing full nude to one side. You see his trimmed pubes and uncircumsized penis. But Armstrong's ass alone is worth 4 stars, even nicer than I thought. Maybe he'll show it off more.

mcjw2011 was written on March 4, 2014

Two other butt shots and one more frontal

In addition to that terrific ass shot (which comes late in the film) as well as the distant frontal as he disrobes in front of Sophie Ward... there are several other shots. Granted, they're not as delicious since Jonas is covered with prosthetic cuts and fake blood for the most part -- but still. You get a back view of him naked and bloody after the first ghostly 'encounter', decent view of his ass. Later on, after he disrobes to show Ward that he's not faking his psychic abilities, you get a distant frontal of him sprawled out on the bedroom floor, groaning in pain as numerous apparitions cut their stories into his skin. And then later on, you get a decent and slightly better frontal as he slips off a trenchcoat and fastens himself crucifix-style to a harness... yet the man is covered in prosthetic cuts and blood so it's not that arousing. But added for completion.

Novak1986 was written on May 14, 2012

Full nudity

Jonas Armstrong shows everything, he shows a brief frontal nudity from the side, he has a nice looking penis, average size for a man of his body type. He shows his ass when he walks across his room, his ass is plump and full with a light coating of hair on it, definitely worth 4 stars

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