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2005 Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From, The 1 Review

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Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From, The (2005)
xiii was written on July 25, 2012

Naked escape with embarrassing outcome

Before he made a name for himself presenting shows on Discovery Jonathan Goodwin featured in this show attempting to escape from seven ridiculous situations.

For number four on the list Jonathan enlists the help of his father, they go to the top floor of an office building where Jonathan instructs his father to tie him to a delivery trolly... Naked. As Jonathan merrily steps out of his boxer shorts he gives us our first of many frontal. There are several close up frontal and rear views as his father restrains him, including one where his face and the camera are inches away from Jonathan's penis! (the fact that he is very clearly embarrassed to be tieing up his naked son makes this better!) Once Jonathan is securely tied to the trolly he seems a little more awkward, perhaps because he has no means to cover himself and he is completely exposed. he asks his father to chain him into a gimp mask and wheel him in to the elevator.

Waiting on the ground floor for the elevator to arrive are the rest of Jonathan's family, his girlfriends family, basically everyone that you don't want to see you naked. His challenge is the untie himself and put his clothes on before the elevator reaches the ground floor. As the elevator doors close Jonathan begins to struggle to get out of his restraints, he manages to free one arm but the other restraints are too tight, as the door opens on the ground floor the assembled guests are treated to a full monty display, much to every ones embarrassment! The scene ends his the door closing and Jonathan swearing very loudly. If you like embarrassment nudity you need to find this!

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