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year title
1999 Underground Comedy Movie, The 1 Review
1996 Hindsight 1 Review
1993 Shattered Image 1 Review
1986 Tai-Pan 1 Review

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Underground Comedy Movie, The (1999)
Stevarooni was written on May 20, 2013

Sushi Mama

During the "Sushi Mama" segment, at around 1:03, Joycelyne's large breasts are visible several times throughout this (intentionally) poorly-filmed segment. Clear views, good lighting, but the glimpses are brief for the minute or so of this segment.

Hindsight (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on November 8, 2002


In the unedited version, from 1:13-1:14, Joycelyne plays a masseuse. She is topless, therefore giving a view of her small breasts and large pink nipples.

Shattered Image (1993)
Immy was written on September 21, 2005

Topless (0:02)

Bo heads to her husband David McCallum's work and finds him boffing Jocyelyne in his office. She's topless on her back on a desk and it's shot from across the room. Too brief.

Tai-Pan (1986)
BushLeague was written on September 11, 2003

Tiger lady

Her back is completely covered with beating marks, but they missed her bare, large egg shaped ass with crack completely (this guy need glasses). While she is tied to the post, she shows her very contrastingly small 32aa leechee nut of a tit (no nipple)

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