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year title
1990 Sleeping Car, The 2 Reviews
1988 Cool Blue 1 Review
1984 Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 10 Reviews

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Sleeping Car, The (1990)
Striker was written on August 14, 2000

Making love

Judy and her boyfriend make love in the converted sleeping car. Pretty routine but I give it three stars because she has lovely full natural breasts.

Stevarooni was written on January 26, 2013

Saxophone love scene

Starting at around the 43-minute point, Judy has sex with David Naughton with a saxophone soundtrack. At first there's a lot of concealment, but eventually she gets on top and her breasts hang free. A couple more position shifts shows just how they bear up under different conditions (answer: well). A bit more than a minute, and the exposure is nice if not great.

Cool Blue (1988)
mandemus was written on February 28, 2000

bedroom sex scene with woody harrelson

great closeup of the voluptuos judie.you may remember judie from mid 80s films like wierd science and american ninja and if you do you will want to see this.the scene appears about 50 minutes into the film.she removes her bra and frees those wonderful puppies

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
wheble2299 was written on December 25, 1999

multiple seens

There are multiple seens in which she gets naked. The first is when her and her friends go skinny dipping during the day. You can see everything. She has nice breats and a nice ass. A few minutes later you get to see her breasts again while she scares on of her friends by playing dead. The final time you get to see them is right before she gets killed. This is the best sequence of them all. There is at least a good few minutes of seeing her breasts.

DeeJayShiz was written on March 17, 2003

Skinny Dip Strip

From the start of the movie, you want to see this girl naked - and you do. In the middle of the movie, just before the killing spree kicks into high gear, she leaves the group to go skinny dipping down at the lake (a lot like FT13Pt2). We see her from the front as she stops at the edge of the woods and undresses. The only problem (and the reason it gets only 2 stars) is that our view of the goods is partially blocked by some bushes between her and the camera. As a result, it's that much harder to see the nudity as she takes of her top and her pants. Fortunately, there is a perfect little hole in the bush (the green kind) that allows us to see...well...HER bush. Would be three stars, but...get that bush out of the way! (Again, the green kind.)

thewraith was written on November 4, 2001

topless beauty

Let's not forget that this is the same girl who plays Hillary in the Anthony Michael Hall movie "Weird Science". We get a nice front shot of her pulling off her shirt to expose those beautiful breasts and a nice rear shot of her pulling down her pants. They should have put her in the shower scene instead of the other one who wouldn't show anything.

Astutato was written on June 14, 2000

'Final Chapter' is really part 4 out of 9!

Friday the 13th Part IV, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter --- call it whatever you wish, it's just another part in a run-of-the-mill slasher series. In this scene one of the films' actresses runs out into the woods after fighting with her boyfriend. Then the guy goes out after her, but alas it is to no avail. What happens later is truly shocking. They both get killed! Wow, what a twist. So before the girl dies, she decides to drop her pants and toss away her shirt. Good idea. But wait, it gets even better. She then splashes around in a lake and when confronted with the killer, goes to hide in a bright yellow raft.

Nipal was written on May 16, 2003

2 scenes - 1st in pool, 2nd at night

During the day she removes her top to go swimming showing her very nice breast, she removes also her pants and have a quick view of her butt, so nice. In the evening, there is also a dark scene where she gets naked and shows us her great body.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 18, 1999

Fairly good look at her stripping down nude to go skinning dipping before she get's killed on a raft.

Great tits but it's a little dark so her bush area is slightly concealed by shadow.

Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

Naked at the lake

This very attractive woman first gets naked when she strips to go skinny dipping. We can see her nice breasts and butt. Shortly after, we see her breasts briefly while she's in the water. Her best scene is shortly before she gets killed, since she again strips down to go for a swim. We get a good look at her breasts and butt once again, but even though this scene is longer, it's also at night, so the view isn't as great as it could have been. Too bad, because she was very good looking.

Skinnydipping-steve was written on November 27, 2005

Swimming naked

Early in the morning, Judie Aronson takes off her shirt and exposes her nice tits as she strips to go skinny dipping. A few minutes later you see Judie scare one of her friends and pulls her into the water with a brief shot of her tits. Later on at night, Judie exposes her nice tits again as she goes for another skinny dip showing off her great body. She has nice tits. I want to suck them. I want to suck them like a baby.

BushLeague was written on May 1, 2003

Double strip and dip scenes

When she strips before the daylight skinny dip, she pulls up her shirt and she has no bra on. Her nice 34b's dangle from her shoulders. A reverse angle shows her firm, smooth, round butt with crack as she pulls down her pants from the rear. We get another brief shot of her squishy, round nippled globes before she pulls Sara into the water against her will. Then it is late night fun for us as she gives a longer look at her nice grapefruits before another dip. A brief below the waist shot of rear and naked legs as she enters the water. Quick jiggly jug flash as she pulls herself into the raft.

OzzyOsbourne was written on April 3, 2003


Great shots of her nice boobs. I gave this only three stars since there was no bush shown, and there easily could've been in the skinny-dipping scene.

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