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1965 Sin Syndicate, The 1 Review
1965 Satan's Bed 1 Review

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Sin Syndicate, The (1965)
12-string was written on February 21, 2006

cutie, but it's a crap movie

B/W pic doesn't really have enough skin to qualify as a nudie but was fairly hot, adults-only stuff in '65. Adler, a tall brunette, cute by me, who reminds ya a little of the middle-period Michelle Bauer (only with longer, straighter hair), is one of four hookers the story is sort of about. At 38 mins she's roughed up by some hoods, who take a while to get her bra off, finally showing some nice puffies. She also loses her panties but you don't see any fur. At 53 mins she shares the shower with June Roberts. They wonder if they're turning lesbian but don't give us any evidence one way or the other. Scene goes on for a bit, with the best frontal views of Adler at the end. There are a couple of butt shots of both women, but brief. Film is B/W, OK but not great quality in this print from Image and SWV. NB, I didn't know that Adler had ever made any films in color, but there's a trailer for one, Confessions of a Bad Girl (c1965), on one of the DVD I recently watched. Hope the movie is in better shape than the trailer, as the color there has seriously shifted. Adler also appears in the trailer for Satan's Bed (1965), a Michael/Roberta Findlay B/W nudie which introduced Yoko Ono to an excited world. Unlike Ono, Judy seems to do some skin in the latter film.

Satan's Bed (1965)
12-string was written on February 26, 2007

brief, not quite fleeting; this is strictly for fans and nobody else

Adler's scene comes abt 37 mins into the picture. She's a suburban housewife who gets waylaid by the 3 heroin-shooting thugs from the Findlay portion of this cobbled movie. Most of it has the MMF team of hoods mauling her tits through her bra and grinding her on the grass while she's in black undies, but near the end of the scene one of the guys cuts her bra open. Somewhat long shot, and she's upside down in the frame. Not fleeting, but still brief and not that rewarding, visually, due to the angle. He starts to slice off her panties as well, but that's where the cut comes, and we then see the bad guys drive off in Adler's car while she lies on the grass dead -- bare to the waist, but arm thrown carefully over her chest so nothing shows.

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