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1971 Southern Comforts 1 Review
1970 Winter Sports 1 Review
1970 Mona, the Virgin Nymph 1 Review

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Southern Comforts (1971)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

very naked

she and the other 2 main girls start the flesh fest by skinny dipping in a creek showing everything
at 23:00 she joins the other 2 in getting naked in the barn and playing together.
at 34;00 she and Carol are naked in the woods, kiss,skinny dip and have sex with a bumpkin
at 54:00 all the girls get naked in the barn and have sex with local guys
at 1:15:00 she gets naked with 6 other girls for the "beauty pageant"in the barn and parade around full frontal for several minutes

Winter Sports (1970)
12-string was written on June 30, 2003

as nude as it gets

Angel, an actress of about 35 (I've seen her described as age 40, but she really never looked that old to me) appeared in a good number of soft and hard sex films of the 1969-1972 period. Her most famous role was as the mother in Mona, the Virgin Nymph, usually considered the first hardcore fiction feature.

In this film she gets taken in by one of the fake cripples, with whom she has sympathy sex. Most of her role is played lying on a bed. She has a good body for her age and an OK personality. Her looks are somewhat on the hard-boiled side, but it does mesh well with the persona she showed in her movie work (a la Glenda Farrell, if you can imagine Glenda Farrell doing a split beaver movie). Photography centers between her legs, and you soon become acquainted intimately with her crack, which is almost always visible -- butthole as well, on occasion. She performs some visible hardcore during both of her two long m.o. scenes with "Ron," the younger fake cripple. Between them, she also does a fairly long G/G sequence, not very well motivated, with the room service girl, a blonde in her mid-20s with an unbecoming wig and false eyelashes. "Ron" sprouts a prominent bone throughout most of their two sequences, BTW.

Film is not really hardcore, despite the explicit footage, and is an interesting specimen of sex films from mid-1970, when the biz was shifting from strictly simulation to outright hardcore, though at the time there was some uncertainty as to just where the line between the two genres actually lay.

Mona, the Virgin Nymph (1970)
BushLeague was written on July 28, 2003

Seducing daughter's boy friend

She yanks aside her black rayon panties and shows her squiggly, hairy p-lips in extreme close up while she masturbates with her fingers and then a dildo. Mona's boy friend comes along and she is eventually down the garter's and stockings and her bra-less 34c hanging glad bags are exposed. Her wrinkled tush is also shown briefly. She then procedes to have the only explicit penis pussy contact with hard on in the movie (no joy juice is excreted on camera).

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