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year title
1974 Scream... and Die! 1 Review
1974 It's Not the Size That Counts 1 Review
1971 Lust for a Vampire 1 Review

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Scream... and Die! (1974)
12-string was written on March 28, 2001

a little dark

Brunette UK actress plays Andrea Allan's roommate, returns from a trip midway through film, gets murdered in her bedroom by the killer. In a rather gratuitous touch he rips off her nightie before throwing her onto the bed, and she's fully nude but beaver not showing. Fairly lingering look at her breasts jiggling while he's murdering her but it's in a darkish room, at night.

It's Not the Size That Counts (1974)
Immy was written on October 14, 2010

Brief topless (0:34)

One by one Leigh Lawson takes on the working girls in a South America bordello. Judy is third in line, hopping into bed and quickly doffing her top. We get closer looks as things get heated up but just one boob sneaks out from under the blankets. A few other random nude girls are seen but overall this is a disappointment in the raunchy BritCom realm.

Lust for a Vampire (1971)
filmo70 was written on February 1, 2007

the last victim

Judy is the girl getting "sucked" by Yutte Stensgaard toward the end as the guy bangs on the door. You get some somewhat close but brief topless looks with blood on her neck. Yummmm

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