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Judy Reyes' Sexy Filmography

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1992 Jack and His Friends 1 Review

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Jack and His Friends (1992)
snowdog was written on April 9, 2008

Fully nude

Nurse Carla Espinoza of "Scrubs" is shown fully nude in two scenes. At 4 minutes, Judy is shown lying in the road naked as she lures Allen Garfield out of his car. She is lying on her side and it is fairly dark, but you get a good look at her breasts and bush. After she gets up and runs off to grab her clothes, you get a decent shot of her butt. There are a couple of fleeting shots of her breasts in after she gets in the car and gets dressed.

At the 30 minute mark, she removes he robe as she is talking to Garfield (who is sitting in bathtub with a gone to her head). She then takes off her bra to give a great shot of her breasts in a medium distance well lit shot. The camera cuts away briefly, but comes back as she removes her panties. There are a few bush shots, but her arm gets in the way a bit. There is a good shot of her from the side as she gets in the tub, and the tops of her breasts can be seen intermittently above the bubbles as she sits in the tub.

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