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2001 Juli Ashton & Friends - Anything Goes! 1 Review
2000 Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 2 Reviews
1998 Night Calls: The Movie 1 Review
1997 Orgazmo 1 Review

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Juli Ashton & Friends - Anything Goes! (2001)
rocco-rules was written on July 11, 2006

Mucho nudity

There are too many scenes to list here, but Juli is either flashing her naughty bits in public and in private, getting totally naked in all kinds of places, just waking up naked, eating lunch naked, having (carefully editted) hardcore sex with men and women and just plain old having fun in various international locales. She manages to show off every square inch of her perfect body. Her bubbly personality really makes this video worth watching.

Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 (2000)
Chicago was written on April 19, 2001

Several scenes

At :08.5-:12.75, Juli and Doria jump a monk in a trance and simu-oral and then sex him. Breasts are what’s mostly seen, but also some distant bush shots. At :23.25, Juli has a 15 sec. full frontal shot as the monk can see through her clothes. There are some copious brief breast scenes of her from a medium distance at :36.25, :37.25, :38.25, & :39.25. Juli’s best scene, however, comes at :55.75-:58.25 and resumes at 1:00.75-1:02.75 as she and Nancy get naked in an outdoor bath tub and then she simu-orals Nancy. While most of the views are of Nancy, there are good breast shots of Juli, great shots of her licking Nancy’s breasts and simu-oraling her, and a fantastic close-up ass/labia shot! At 1:26.75-1:29.25, there are more copious breast shots as the girls romp in an outdoor tub rubbing money on each other.

dpph was written on September 7, 2002


Chicago covered the scenes really well, but I just wanted to add that her scene in the bathtub is incredibly hot.

Amber willingly shows pubes quite a bit in the film, but the moment that made my jaw drop was that lesbian tub scene. As she is giving oral sex to Nancy, she's bent over and her butt is in the air. In what is an unusually hardcore shot for a movie airing on Cinemax, we get a very clear view of her labia as between her thighs as she is bent over.

Simply stunning. I wish I could give it 5-stars.

Night Calls: The Movie (1998)
Chicago was written on October 6, 2001

8 great scenes

7 good scenes and 1 awesome finale. Juli is one half of the TV call-in team who travels and helps people explore the limits of their sexuality. At :02.5-:04.75, Juli sits naked in a yoga position the whole scene as big-lipped Doria enters their dressing room naked to fix her make-up while...breasts and lower abdomen. At :15.75-:20.25, she and Gina have a f/f scene in an office where you see all of Juli. Breasts are viewable throughout as Gina kisses her breasts and goes down on Juli on her desk...focus is on Juli; then Juli leads Gina to the couch and you see her ass, then her lips from the rear...great shot!, as Juli eats her for a long time. The scene ends as Gina lies back as Juli punches some buttons on a phone(?) causing Gina to cum repeatedly--continuing breast shots of Juli. At :21.5-:22, there's a great but way-too-short scene where Juli pours a water bottle over herself while in a clingy dress--clear breast shots, a hint of her pubes and then a GREAT close-up of her lips! At :33-:36.25, Doria and Juli are naked in the pool mostly in the distance--breasts and ass--while the guy and girl go at it against the sliding glass door. At :36.75-:38, Doria and Juli are sunbathing nude and then get dressed, giving a full nude view of Juli and Doria. At :46.25-:50.75, Juli and Ceci have a f/f cutaway scene with Doria and her S&M scene...fortunately the action stays with the girls--nice! The views of Juli are of her ass and breasts as the focus is mostly on Ceci during the f/f as she licks Ceci's nips hard and eats her before it becomes a f/f/m where Juli gets it from the rear with loud banging. Great scene! At 1:07, there's a brief nip slip over the top of her dress. At 1:08.25-1:20.75, however, is the AWESOME grand finale. Don't miss this LOOOONG great scene which for Juli starts with her in the pool, then moves to the steamroom where the 4 girls and 2 guys talk, they cross legs and masturbate with the heals of their feet (some pubes too for Juli), they move to 2 f/f/m pairings for sex. Later in the scene, Juli leads Ceci and the guy blindfolded to another room where they have sex, mostly with Juli watching and masturbating but also getting her brerasts fondled. PLENTY views of all of Juli here and NOT to be missed!

Orgazmo (1997)
Immy was written on July 1, 2007

Brief topless (0:04)

Porn babe Juli plays, surprise, a porn babe! She's shooting a scene and as she takes off her bra, a guy's hairy ass blocks the camera's view. We do get a brief glimpse of her boobs.

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