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2002 Swingers 1 Review
1996 Dark Desires: A Taste for Murder 1 Review

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Swingers (2002)
zax1 was written on June 9, 2001

Three scenes!

In the first scene, Julia gets taken from behind. There's a great side-view of her naked body as the guy thrusts in her. She also rides him showing us her enormous butt - good scene! Later in the movie she has a disgusting three-some, and she's not even fully naked in it so there's nothing that I need to say about it - it stinks! Her last scene is strange, Julia and Drünna is eye to eye and Julia undresses and starts to caress her naked body in front of Drünna. Breasts and her beautiful butt is showing, but also some glimpses of her pubic hair. A long and hot scene. Julia looks great in this movie!

Dark Desires: A Taste for Murder (1996)
zax1 was written on June 9, 2001

Terrible movie!

The movie is terrible, but Julia is a black beauty! You get many chances to see her breasts, but also a couple of fully nude scenes. In one scene she wakes up and get out of the bed totally naked and leaves some climpses of her breasts and butt. In another scene she gets caught while trying to steal some diamonds, but the man finds her attractive so he turns her around and starts to grab her breasts. Then she takes a ball from the pooltable and rolls it over her body, giving a glimpse of her pubic hair. He takes her from behind for about 5 seconds before they get caught by his wife, revealing NOTHING! Futher into the movie, after a strip-show she enters her dressing-room where an old guy is waiting for her. He turns her around and pulls down her panties and reveals her naked, awsome, enormous, beautiful butt. He puts his lips on it and starts to thrust her from behind. Except for the close-up it's a bad scene. Further into the movie she sleeps with her friend's guy. Julie lies under while he licks her breasts and stomach. When he starts to thrust her you get a glimpse of her pubic hair. Except for that it's also another bad scene. Julia is hot and sexy with a beautiful body, but the idiotic script writer/director is ########!

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