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year title
2000 Illicit Lovers 2 Reviews
1997 Human Desires 1 Review
1996 Penthouse: The Art of Massage 0 Reviews
1996 Mischievous 1 Review
1996 Masseuse 2 Reviews
1996 Intimate Betrayal 1 Review
1996 Centerfold 1 Review
1995 Shadow Dancer 1 Review
1995 Lap Dancing 1 Review
1995 Call Girl 1 Review
1993 Die Watching 1 Review

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Illicit Lovers (2000)
GuyMannDude was written on January 21, 2001

in office interviewing main guy

The main character has unsuccessfully interviewed with J.J. a few times before in the film. This
time she's a bit more friendly. He tosses her
up on the table and does the deed with her legs
and heels high in the air. Later, he swings her
around and enjoys her from the back as she leans
over the desk. J.J. is her usual horny self in
this scene. Good lighting and camera work and
the guy enjoys a good grope or two of her round

Chicago was written on April 5, 2001

1 scene – the hottest

At 1:08.5-1:11.75, Curtis sexes J.J. for job interviews…more accurately, she schools him throughout with “C’mon, help me” and “Go!” as, like GuyMannDude accurately describes, she is horny. Sure…it takes them over 1½ min. to get undressed, but there are good views of her breasts and rump as she makes the scene…no pubes, however, so only a 3*.

Human Desires (1997)
Chicago was written on March 26, 2001

Only 1 scene, bad filming

The quick camera cuts make her 1.75 min. scene at :02.5 frustrating. Worse yet, the producers simply label her as "Woman" when the photographer calls her husband, "Mr. Wilson" on the phone--tough break when you can't even get a "Mrs. Wilson" on the credits. Julianne has a very attractive face and nice (what could be seen of it) body with large breasts.

Penthouse: The Art of Massage (1996)
Mischievous (1996)
thornhillsouthguy was written on March 9, 2008

stripper dances, then seduces

JJ Mantia (does every actress in this movie's name start with J?) plays a stripper at a bachelor party who then takes the groom to her room to try to seduce him. Many quick cuts which are annoying and unnerving but plenty of butt and pubic views, especially if you have a quick pause button. (Unless there was an extra cut, I didn't see her panties COME off---they were just suddenly gone, for which I am thankful!) Normally I would give a scene like this three stars, but an extra star for JJ not only kissing one of the attendees, but having another guy actually suck her breast, if only briefly.

Masseuse (1996)
dogbreath was written on February 1, 2000

Massage scene

Unrated version. Really this rating is kind of a toughie--its a little too short, and just when you get a good viewing angle, the camera hops around again (when will these DTV directors get their heads out of their asses and leave a good scene on for more than a microsecond!! The editing/directing of the sex scenes in DTV movies absolutely boggles my mind). But Julliane's body is delicious, so I gave it a 3. The scene opens with her giving a guy a back massage in front of a fireplace. Then her lingerie comes off for some bump n' grind. She gets a little licking leaning back, then she hops forward on top to get down to business. You get to see nice shots of her round, firm breasts, and a few seconds of full frontal while she rides the guy. Could've rated this scene a 2 because of the fairly rapid cut aways, but her body is just too good!

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Fireside chat

Slightly dark and romantically lit fireside tryst has her legs sticking up, but guys leg obscures her butt. She just shows both 36b's briefly.
When are they going to make a movie about a masseuse that is actually about a girl that gives massages?

Intimate Betrayal (1996)
Immy was written on September 16, 2010

Brief right breast

Julianne plays a bachelor party stripper. She takes off her top which leaves her in a thong and pasties with tassles (0:11). As she gives a guy a lap dance she pulls the right one off with her teeth (0:13) before the party is interrupted.

Centerfold (1996)
Immy was written on June 20, 2008

Breasts and butt (0:43)

Julianne has a great threesome scene with Angela Mia and Jim Kochner. It's at night and they're in a poolside jacuzzi. At first it's the girls sucking face (and nips) but when things move to a lounge chair Julianne hops aboard Jim for a ride. Hot!

Shadow Dancer (1995)
Ozzie700 was written on June 11, 2005

Fun with stripper

Julianne only has a few scenes but she makes them memorable. Flouncing around in red bra and panties, the bleach blonde takes a male stripper up to a bedroom (after a bachelorette party) and hot sex ensues. Her softball implants are seen several times as she writhes beneath him and as he plows her from behind. He takes off her panties in closeup, giving us a view of her bare snatch and vaginal lips. This takes place from about :08-:11 (minutes) in the film.

Lap Dancing (1995)
Antman was written on October 25, 1999

Strip tease

She is the wild looking girl with the teased blonde hair who starts out wearing black S&M underwear. She does a long routine that starts about 40 minutes into the tape. By the end of the dance, she is completely nude.

Call Girl (1995)
GuyMannDude was written on February 19, 2000

taken by stranger in sex club

Her husband watches while a stranger takes her roughly from behind standing, pressing her against the glass so her hubby can look in her eyes. The camera can't seem to stay on one area or even give us a long look at her great breasts. It may only be deserving a one-star but I thought the intensity of the scene was fairly exciting (and JJ is best in rough scenes)

Die Watching (1993)
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

nude in bed

Nude in bed with Teammy Elaine and Christopher Atkin's father.

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