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1981 Bloody Birthday 8 Reviews

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Bloody Birthday (1981)
patrok was written on July 5, 2002

dancing topless

Julie Brown dances around topless as some kids spy on her through a peep hole. She has got one fabulous rack. And it's certainly on display in this long scene.

soulman was written on July 5, 2002

Tits And Butt Shot.

Miss Brown does a striptease type dance in the mirror while changing as a bunch of kids peep on her. This was back in'81 and her body looked great. Great Tits and ass shot that lasts a good while.

StevieW was written on January 23, 2004

The Homecoming Queen In The Nude!!

This is a nice striptease scene in this low budget horror movie,Julie changes clothes while her younger sister and her 2 friends spy on her through a peephole in her closet,her nice big tits are on display as is her nice round hiny,a nice scene as this lasts for about 5 minutes. Too bad her cutefriend in the movie[played by Lori Lethin]didn't have any nude scenes,but in 2 scenes she obviously isn't wearing a bra because when she runs her tits shake wildly!!

ihatecowiche was written on August 5, 2002

Julie brown hottie

This is just a plain amazing scene. Ms. Brown does a rather erotic strip tease in front of a mirror revealing some beautiful full breasts with small very small nipples.I belive this is as much as a classic as phoebe cates in fast times at richmount high and her pool scene. You also get a brief shot of part of her ass in the same scene.

calebtemple was written on May 6, 2001

Peephole scene

This is a very nice voryeuristic scene where we get to see Miss Brown's wonderful huge breasts and firm round ass. It is a long scene where she removes her red lingerie. HOT!

BN80 was written on August 11, 2012

Peep show

Early on in the movie two boys are spying on Julie through a hole in the wall as she takes her clothes off and dances around in her panties. Her fantastic breasts are shown repeatedly during this scene from both the vantage point of the hole in the wall and then some closer shots of her in her room. Eventually she takes off her panties as well and briefly shows us her lovely backside.

louisgara was written on November 27, 1999

Breasts and butt in dressing scene

When the kids sneak on Julie Brown ten-fifteen minutes into the movie, we see many glimpses of her breasts and a nice glimpse of her ass when changing clothes. The scene goes on quite a while and Brown, who looks young at the time (the movie was made in 1980) is real sexy in this one, though I can't say much about her now.

Acci was written on June 18, 1999

Tit's and Ass

Surprisingly nice body on this former MTV VJ.

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