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year title
2003 Between the Sheets 0 Reviews
2000 Dirty Tricks 0 Reviews
1999 With Or Without You 4 Reviews
1997 Preaching to the Perverted 4 Reviews
1995 Near Room, The 1 Review
1990 Big Man, The 2 Reviews
1988 Fruit Machine, The 3 Reviews

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Between the Sheets (2003)
Dirty Tricks (2000)
With Or Without You (1999)
danb1982 was written on December 29, 2010

plesantly surprised

I had seen Julie Graham in another drama, so was pleasantly surprised that she got naked in this.

We can quite clearly see her nipples in her top.

We then see her fully naked, complete with bush, in very good lighting.
We get some nice views of her breasts and ass while she is in bed with christophers character

Rudeboy was written on December 30, 2002

HOT Scottish Babe Julie Gets ROCKED In BED!

The first time I saw a performance of Julie Graham was in the British comedy series "Dirty Tricks" where she was stunnig in the Sex scene she performs but their didnt seem to be much Nudity. When I came across this Movies Sex scene she was Much more Energetic with out a doubt.
The scene starts with Julie Graham walking in to the room totaly Naked with her jiggley Breasts and says "who are you" to Eccleston (plays Male role)they both look at each other and smile then beggin to kiss passionatly. Now Eccleston ends up Naked in Bed with Julie she has her legs astride Eccleston who Interlocks his Penis in to her Virgina and starts to feed on her Big Breasts. They then start to sexually shagg each other with heavy breathing and Julie ends up on her backside holding on firmly to the head board pole on the bed. They begin an Energetic Sex session (lasting 22 sec) where Julies Great Solid cheese Tits are on display inches away from Ecclestons chest while he Rides Julie in Bed. As this is going on their is Heavy breathing and dialouge from Eccleston and Julia is Screaming and gigling like Mad while her Breasts Bounce Up and Down. Because of the Force and Strength of the Sex the Bed Rocks all the way along the scene that even the Ceiling starts to make noises. the focus is then put back on to the two characters where the Sex is getting Tense and Hot and is about to reach a Climax where Julie is Yelling "More, More" and Eccleston is giving his all to her She is then
put out of Her Lust and Joy with a last Sound from Julie that ends the Sex with an "Aaahhhh". Phew A Great display of a Truly Magnificent Sex Episode where Julie Graham is Really in to it

jea was written on December 22, 2004

Curvy woman - yam yam...

Julie Graham is beautiful in this movie. It is nice to se her full naked curvy body (much nicer then the skinny Dervla Kirwan), since I'm not a big fan of skinny women.
The first scene, where she inters the doore full frontal naked, is awsome, and makes it for the whole movie.

lattara was written on March 19, 2001

Excellent full frontal scene with added bounce.

Curvy Scottish actress Julie walks into shot stark naked. We get a good view of her firm round (but sadly siliconized IMO) breasts and trim dark bush. There follows an energetic sex session with Eccleston, Julie's breasts on display again, after which the couple sit up in bed (Julie's boobs with hard nipples showing above the covers) and talk. The conversation turns into an argument and Julie moves about on her knees on the bed which gives excellent (and jiggly) views of breasts and bum and briefly her bush again. This all takes place in bright light so every detail is clear to the eye and Julie appears very comfortable being naked before the camera. Julie has a large tatoo on one arm which leaves me cold but may be a big plus or minus factor for some viewers.

Preaching to the Perverted (1997)
AceOfClubs was written on April 23, 2004


Only one shot of her coming into a room and (only lasts a split second) where you can see her boobs and a very very brief bit of bush. Another useless scene where she's in some stupid leather outfit with her breasts sticking out...who cares? Other reviews are misleading, there's no sign of her ass in this movie at all. She's beautiful, but so what? The nudity in this movie is an insult.

Senator was written on September 16, 2001

no I have not seen this movie

I have only seen still from "Mr. Skin"... but does she or does she not have the perfect body? Her face is kinda hot... but man that body! WOW!

Serna was written on November 7, 2000

All out

I don't remember much I'm afraid but I made a note that she shows, tits, butt and fuzz and that her arse looks good.

Profnudity was written on April 27, 2001

various naked scenes

Julie is naked fully a couple of times topless a lot albeit she has her head shaved. She has now had implants and become more buxom than her earlier films.

Near Room, The (1995)
lattara was written on January 20, 2001

Fairly long sex scene

Dark-haired sultry Julie is on top in a fairly vivid sex scene giving us a good look at her voluptuous figure. When she climbs 'out of the saddle' we see her full bum and then she sits on the bed talking and giving a good view of her full (possibly silicone-adjusted) breasts. I prefer definitely natural breasts but other than that a good scene.

Big Man, The (1990)
Serna was written on November 7, 2000


Tits out and kissed I think by Liam Neeson.

Chicago was written on August 30, 2001

1 scene

Though the scene at 1:09.5 only lasts 45 sec., she makes use of her nude viewing!! Liam undresses her revealing her small breasts and very erect nipples. He then flicks her nip with his tongue (great close-up) and then when you don't think they can get any longer, they do...another close-up of her even more erect nips as shot from the side. Smokin'! A solid 2 stars.

Fruit Machine, The (1988)
Dante9703 was written on September 29, 2004

Early full frontal

One of Julie Graham's early nudes. This takes place before her breast enhancement. At about an hour and 5 mins Julie is sitting on a beach talking to one of the other characters when she decides to go skinny dipping. She takes off everything except her hat and boots and shows full frontal and backal before running into the sea. The shot is from some distance otherwise I would give this 3 stars.

WhiskeyJack was written on August 18, 1999

Full frontal

Strips off on beach and runs into the sea. Everything is on display.

RedBloodedMale was written on August 4, 2000

Complete Nudity Including A Beautiful Hairy Muff


There rally is nothing else to see of the gorgeous Julie after this. She strips off her long dress (struggling briefly to get it over her head), then her T-shirt underneath. Finally, she drops her bikini bottoms to reveal a beatiful crack and great set of hairs before running into the sea.

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