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2001 Carnal Passion 1 Review

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Carnal Passion (2001)
coresoft was written on January 15, 2005

scenes with Dru, Holly, and Dru & Susan

Justin, aka Kyle Kleefeld/Kleeford, shows his supple milky white ass during his first scene, with Dru, with some very convincing thrusting; next, during his tryst with the classy Holly, where we also see the clear outline of his penis covered in a cock sock as Holly sits atop him; and finally during a threesome with Dru and Susan Hale. The latter is probably his best exposure since we see his ass thrusting into Susan in missionary as he fakes orgasm with a lower view of his balls (covered by a pouch, of course). Kyle has an average face that nonetheless looks better with a goatee as he has here; in films like The Seduction of Maxine, his face isn't as nice when it's clean-shaven.

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