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year title
1996 Stripshow 1 Review
1995 Indecent Behavior III 1 Review

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Stripshow (1996)
Immy was written on June 18, 2009


Kaitlyn's participation in this erotic drama (she's credited as Kelly Hoffman) amounts to just hot scenery. She's a random stripper dancing topless onstage in a club. Her two best scenes are at the beginning (0:04, pink thong) and near the end (1:21-1:23, gold thong). She looks great.

Indecent Behavior III (1995)
Immy was written on April 21, 2005

Nude (0:02)

Porn babe Kaitlyn (credited as Kelly Hoffman) is doing a favor for her boss, a sex therapist, by getting it on with a guy who refers a lot of patients to them. But when he introduces a lit cigarette into the mix she calls it quits, actually cowering in a corner in a fetal position until her boss comes in and breaks things up. Kaitlyn is nude the whole time except for a small robe she puts on as she leaves. She has a hot bod with (shocker!) big enhanced boobs.

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