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2000 Mad Song 1 Review
1997 Star Maps 5 Reviews

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Mad Song (2000)
bilfic was written on March 1, 2003

Luscious hunk of woman

This woman is gorgeous to look at, even fully clothed. Unfortunately, that's how you see her during most of this film, although she does wear a very revealing miniskirt during most of the film, so we get to see her very beautiful legs, and sometimes her thighs. The only real nude scene occurs fairly early in the film, and it may be a body double. She strips, back to the camera, just before getting in bed to have sex with her husband. We see her fully nude from behind, then she turns around and we see a few seconds of full frontal. Unfortunately, she is far from the camera, the lighting is poor, and the bush area is in shadow. Whosever body it is, it is lovely to look at.

Star Maps (1997)
tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

several topless scenes

She appear topless several times, usually whilsthaving sex with Douglas Spain (a male prostitute).

cecil was written on May 5, 2006

2 sex scenes

She and Douglas Spain have their first sex scene at 22 minutes. We briefly see a side view of her breasts while he's on top. The better scene is their sex scene at 33 minutes, which is already well described.

sirspread was written on July 11, 2005


just past half an hour we get to see her large breasts as she lies in bed
we get good long looks shame she never sat up as they look a very decent pair (maybe a little soft)

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

1 scene

Kandeyce is a very attractive woman with medium-sized breasts. At :33-:35, Kandeyce is lying in bed after having sex with Spain where you get to see her nice breasts (lying on her back) with end table light lighting. Toward the end of the scene, he moves on top of her and kisses her half-heartedly.

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001


The previous description was for Annette, not Kandeyce!

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