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2001 Arena, The 3 Reviews
1999 Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 90's 2 Reviews
1998 Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1999 2 Reviews
1998 Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year 1998 3 Reviews
1997 Playboy's Girls Next Door 0 Reviews

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Arena, The (2001)
Bootydaddy was written on May 4, 2002

2 scenes

The first is when she refuses to strip for the guards after she is captured, they proceed to tear away her blouse, briefly exposing her breasts. That scene could have been soooo much better considering she's a former playmate. Second she bangs some dude and you get to see her ass and tits a couple brief times. The nudity would have been the only thing to save this movie, but it is pretty lame, I don't recommend it.

LeroyBrown was written on January 2, 2003

Rape scene and love scene

As described by the other reviewers. The look at her breasts was slightly better than Lisa Dergan but it's still not that great. A solid **. This film was an awful Russian made film. If they are going to send more crappy films like this over to the U.S., I say bring back the communists at least they kept their crap to themselves.

GuyMannDude was written on December 31, 2001

One rape, one love scene

When Lisa and Karen refuse to strip for the slavemaster, onlookers are invited to ravage the new feamle slaves. A lot of struggling and torn clothes but the camera doesn't stay in one place for more than a second. Karen does display two of the most spectacular breasts in the free world when the baddie rips her robe from her struggling body (but keep your finger on the "pause" and "frame advance" button). Odd as it sounds, this shot of Karen's breasts during the rape is the most erotic nudity of the movie (which gives you an idea of the overal eroticism of the film). Later Karen is given to a gladiator to enjoy during his last night. It's just too damn dark and because the scene is a series of 1-second jump cuts, by the time your brain realizes you're looking at Karen's fantastic breasts, ass, legs or smile the camera has moved on. NOTE: with the exception of some sexy dancing by Karen at the feast, she doesn't even wear sexy clothes (the box cover suggests that she and Lisa will be fighting in skimpy outfits). The russian film crew who made this atrocity should be shot for not giving us even one long, clear shot of Karen.

Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 90's (1999)
BuffaloBoy was written on May 22, 2002

Brunette PMOY for 1998

Miss December 1997. Chapter 9 of the DVD, 4 segments lasting a total of 10:07. Start off as a rich lady getting feted by her servants, then a photo montage, an interview with Hef, finish with her consumating with a fellow that had been spying on her. Full nudity.

Gordon was written on September 8, 2000

Buxom brunette showing it all

Another of my favorite Playmates, Karen is absolutely stunning. Her eyes are absolutely radiant, and I might be more enamored with them if it wasn't for the fact that her body was so damn sexy! She's got curves in all the right place, mmm mmm mmm.

Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1999 (1998)
BuffaloBoy was written on July 20, 2002

Miss December 1997. (34C-24-34)

Miss December 1997 and PMOY for 1998. Chapter 13 of the DVD, 2 segments beginning at 0:50:09 and lasting 5:09. Starts with Karen in an alley with both rain and sun, then an artsy scene where she's in a room with cheesecloth walls, and hands reaching through the walls. Full nudity.

Gordon was written on January 3, 2000

Every scene she's in

Krista has a great body, and you get to see a lot of it here! She's tall and has curves in all the right places.

Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year 1998 (1998)
Popmuse was written on June 9, 2001

The whole video

Karen is a very hot girl !!! First, she's extremely pretty. She's got wonderful eyes and a really nice face.Of course most of us are interested in her other assets but just looking at Karen's great face could be enough to make us happy. Then,of course, she has got a fantastic body and she is naked in almost every scene of the video. Her breast are large enough but not huge, the perfect size if you ask me, they look quite firm and very supple. Her whole body is quite toned and her butt is simply gorgeous, very tight and quite sensuous. As expected, her pubis is trimmed in a sexy way with the perfect amount of hair left, very nice, very simple,her haircut "down there" really suits her ... According to me, Karen is very close to perfection.
My only regret about her video and the reason why I only give it three stars, is because contrary to what is often the case in recent Playmate of the Year videos, there is no close ups on Karen's sexy pubis and we never get to see her vulva lips. Yet Karen looks so stunning that her video is well worth buying...

Gordon was written on January 3, 2000

Whole video

This Playmate of the Year is one sexy babe! You'll get to see every angle of her voluptuous body in this video. Her breasts are large and supple, her legs long and shapely, her butt tight. Playboy sure knows how to pick them!

Skinnydipping-steve was written on November 28, 2005

Wonderful tits

Every scene Karen McDougal shows us her fantastic body. She has a great tight butt and perfect tits. They are just right. I want to suck them. I want to suck them like a baby.

Playboy's Girls Next Door (1997)

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