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year title
2010 Twelve Thirty 1 Review
2005 Vers le Sud 1 Review
2000 Mercy 2 Reviews
1996 Wife, The 1 Review
1989 Night Game 1 Review
1988 Criminal Law 3 Reviews
1984 Handgun 2 Reviews

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Twelve Thirty (2010)
mcjw2011 was written on November 22, 2011

See through bra, brief topless

Young seduces Groff's character in the movie. She's wearing a see-through bra, sitting down as Groff's character enters the room. It's so transparent, she might have been wearing nothing at all. But the movie deliberately makes her look worn and haggard, and she's not that attractive as a cougar either. But 2 stars for the exposure.

Vers le Sud (2005)
taurus was written on November 3, 2007

Topless in mirror

Brief look at her titties at 1:32. If missed the first hour as my dvr freaked at daylight savings, so possible more.

Mercy (2000)
icebag2 was written on July 24, 2007

S&M scene

Peta has a pert little ass, but if beautiful breasts are what you’re looking for, Karen is the ticket. Right size, right shape, right placement. Catch them in the scene where she is topless in S&M gear, leaning over to strap down an unsuspecting lass to the torture table. While the scene isn’t too erotic, you can still see that hers is a pair you would like to spend some time with.

Chicago was written on January 22, 2003

4 scenes late in movie

At 1:07:10-1:07:40 a disturbed Julian Sands slides down the bed covers while lying next to Karen, revealing her partial bush and breasts (somewhat obstructed by her arm) as he starts kissing her body before she stops him. At 1:18:40, a topless Karen is seen on an S&M-oriented videotape as she's binding an equally topless Peta to the table...breasts over S&M outfit for 7 sec. At 1:20:20-1:20:55, Karen's left breast is partially viewable from a medium distance in the shadows while leaning over Sands in bed. At 1:25:30-1:27:10, a somewhat bloody and topless Karen shows up in the living room with Barkin...breasts seen in flashlight light. After Karen shoots Barkin, Karen is stabbed...breasts more clearly seen.

Wife, The (1996)
Abintra was written on June 13, 2006

Topless flash

I'm going by memory from nearly a decade ago and don't recall much detail so apologies.

From what I remember, the scene is towards the end of the film, outdoors and during an argument she lifts up her sweater and flashes the rest of the group out of anger.

Decent lighting, facing camera, medium range. Attractive, medium sized breasts.

Night Game (1989)
Immy was written on April 28, 2009

Right breast (0:06)

Karen is in bed with Texas cop Roy Scheider when he gets a phone call early one morning. As she reaches for a bedside clock (it's daylight) her right boob sneaks out briefly from under the covers.

Criminal Law (1988)
Evoken was written on November 9, 2002

Horrible sex scene

Violent sex scene, which is actually intercut with a Racquetball game!! This is really a horrible scene, but we do finally see her small tits as she's thrown onto her back. The scene is brief and the actress is not that attractive. -Evoken

soulman was written on November 9, 2002

1 Scene.

Young's one scene is a rough sex scene with Oldman that's intercut with shots of him playing raquetball. You do get a look at her small tits when she's turned on her back, but judging by her erect nipples she seemed to be digging it (so was I). Less the brievity and the intercut, the scene would have earned an extra *.

Ozzie700 was written on July 2, 2002


During the violent sex scene with Gary Oldman, Karen shows her small breasts a few times, from wildly flailing camera angles. You might be able to see her butt once, very very briefly.

Handgun (1984)
Striker was written on September 29, 1999

Harrowing and disturbing rape scene.

The actual nudity is overshadowed by the very graphic and disturbing nature of the scene. Quality performance by Karen Young.

Ghostwords was written on January 29, 2007

Chilling rape scene

Karen Young is date-raped by Clayton Day in a scene so cold and clinical that any buzz at seeing either of them naked is rapidly dissipated. (Originally released under the title "Handgun".)

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