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1997 One Eight Seven 3 Reviews

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One Eight Seven (1997)
soulman was written on November 8, 2002

Tits Shot.

Arroyave is a little Latino cutie who plays one of Jackson's students. She's lying naked on Jackson's couch in an attempt to thank him for his tutoring her. She has a nice, slim bod with some nice sized tits. She keeps her goodies covered though you can see a little ass crack.

whiteraven was written on August 21, 2010

Two scences - Quick left breast/nipple after possible rape(?) and nude waiting for teacher.

Karina Arroyave plays high school student Rita Martinez who desires to graduate and become a writer (she is about 28 at the time of the movie). At about the 20:21 mark John Heard playing teacher Dave Childress notices a group of a male students running from a secluded fenced area of the school and runs to investigate. He finds Karina sitting in a pile of debris, trying to redress with her left breast exposed which is quickly covered as she finishes redressing. Heard stares and asks "What is happening, little sister?" to which she does not respond. There is a mark around her lover left lip but uncertain as to smeared lipstick or bruising. The scene does not answer the question as to whether it involved forced or consensual sex of some type. Heard presumes she is something of a school slut and later in the movie as I recall claims having had sex with her. For the movie she has a tattoo on the back of her neck, "PUPPET". Samuel L. Jackson plays high school teacher Trevor Garfield who 15 months earlier had almost be stabbed to death by a student at another school. Karina is having trouble with her English class and Jackson offers to give some tutoring assistance. After explaining why it cannot be done at school or her home he unwisely allows her to go to his home. She is sitting on his living room couch in a knee length dress. While Jackson is busy in his kitchen back turned to her she gets up and moves out of frame. About the 52:58 minute mark as Jackson returns from the open kitchen to the living, he looks down to find Karina laying completely nude on her left side, right arm across her chest but with her right breast/nipple exposed, left arm crossing touching her right hip, legs bent with a sad look upon her face. She stares at Jackson as he crosses quickly between her and the camera, awkwardly saying "Put your clothes on, Rita." She waits until after he crosses put the tray on the coffee table but back to her as she then quickly sits up with her right arm over her crotch, pulling the dress over her and then replacing her panties. She then starts crying. It is about a good four seconds of her laying on the couch. She is quite slender and has a certain hard look about her. Small lovely breasts with very dark brown raised aureoles. It is suppose to represent sadness, a young girl who has been lead to believe that she has to offer or submit sexually.

ausalfa was written on March 25, 1999

Nude scene

She is seen nude on a sofa attempting to repay Samuel L. Jackson for helping her with her studies

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