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1980 Mother's Day 1 Review

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Mother's Day (1980)
Chicago was written on April 19, 2001

Naked push-ups on the pitcher's mound

You read the scene description correctly. Truth be told, the only reason I posted this inane movie was for this laughable scene at ~:26. Karl strips off his silk boxers with hearts on them to start doing push-ups (naked) on the pitcher's mound, supposedly to get his libido going to sex a girl. The scene is done in the moonlight at first...but the 3 girls flip on the ball field's lights, causing Karl to scramble for his clothes and head for the outfield tripping over himself. Ass and balls seen in this 50 sec. scene. If ever tempted to watch this movie (yea, right...), DON'T! This scene highlights the stupidity.

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