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1981 Eye of the Needle 7 Reviews

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Eye of the Needle (1981)
FilmCritic was written on July 4, 2003

Very Erotic

Great suspenseful movie about a neglected and thus frustrated English wife who falls into an affair with a man she later learns is a Nazi spy and must make a decision between passion and loyalty to her country. Not perfect but outstanding acting with a great written story. At 53.03 (3 and 3 seconds), after Sutherland opens the door to the bathroom, where Nelligan is drying off after a bath with her little son, she slowly lowers her towel enough to expose her left breast. Although I think she is attractive, even if you don’t, it is an erotic moment with a loyal wife who lets her guard down for a moment to probably be naked for the first time to someone other than her husband. At 115:44 (3 seconeds), Nelligan’s butt is exposed as well as a portion of her right breast (no nipple). At 126:25 (18 seconds), her entire left breast is exposed, as she lies there with Sutherland kissing her body. At 127:27 (4 seconds), as Sutherland gets up, there is a brief exposure of her left breast, as Sutherland moves his hand that has been covering it up. I believe that if you don’t find her attractive, it is probably because of one of two reasons, she’s too old for you (she’s was thirty years young in this movie) or, because she portrays a wife alone on an island with her non-sexual husband, she wears frumpy clothing.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001


Good look at her breasts while she's bathing.

Acci was written on July 30, 1999


Seen nude while taking a bath. And later in a Sex scene. Pretty woman.

Moonie2 was written on April 9, 2001


Kate never looked prettier than in this movie and you get to see decent glimpses of her nicely-tanned body in a couple of scenes.

scanman was written on June 16, 2001

Four scenes ..... not that great though!

First scene is when she get's out of the bath and Sutherland is entering the room. You clearly see one breast/nipple for a couple of scenes. Second scene is when she's on top of Sutherland, but you only see a very small part of her butt. Third scene is when Sutherland is kissing her everywhere. Her breasts are visible, but very dark. Fourth scene is when she get's out of bed. Another 2 seconds look at one of her breasts. The first scene is after about 45 minutes.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001


Erotic sex scene in which we see her breasts and ass. She is very beautiful, although her body is not amazing.

Serna was written on November 3, 2000

Frustrated wife

This is a pretty erotic performance from Nelligan in what is just a routine war film. She oozes sexuality as a frustrated wife who enjoys a bit of shagging with Donald Sutherland. Nice tits and arse when she gets going on top of him.

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