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year title
1995 Bloodknot 2 Reviews
1994 Soft Deceit 2 Reviews
1994 Dangerous Touch 9 Reviews
1988 Hostile Takeover 1 Review
1985 Roadhouse 66 2 Reviews
1984 Alphabet City 2 Reviews

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Bloodknot (1995)
vpup was written on March 25, 2002

full frontal and snuggling Kate's bush

It was a suprised and welcome sight of Kate's dark, broad bush. She didn't show this much in the supposedly more provocative UNRATED "Dangerous Touch". The scene occurs in a somewhat dim stockroom but with enough sunlight highlighting all the good parts. The Patrick Dempsey character first takes off Kate's blouse, lifts up her skirt, drops her panty, then he buries his face in her bush. Then the scene abruptly stopped, but implied they did screwed. This would have been a 4 or more stars scene, if it continued. She has two more tamer topless scenes. Definitely a better film than "Dangerous Touch". Worth seeking out.

moonshines was written on November 23, 2002

Clear bush shot

I seen this film on video and was pleasantly surprised to have seen Kate's bare bush in a scene for i think at least 2 or 3 seconds. From what i can remember she has a fairly thick bush. I went to watch it again some time later and rented another video but for some strange reason the bare bush scene i seen before wasn't in the video! Go figure?

Soft Deceit (1994)
nudedude was written on September 29, 1999

Brief topless scenes

She has two brief topless scenes - one with a close-up of the guy kissing her breast and the other starting far and panning towards her while making love.

Gordon was written on November 7, 2001

Two topless scenes

In one of the scenes Kate and the guy are outside making out. She's on her back on the ground as the guy opens her shirt to reveal one of her breasts, which he then proceeds to fondle and kiss. In the other scene she and a guy are having sex against a banister. The scene is kind of dark, but you can make out her breats. Kate is very thin and her breasts are rather small. Not my type really, but she's still pretty.

Dangerous Touch (1994)
Chicago was written on February 1, 2001

3-4 Scenes

At :30, Kate has sex with Lou in a red convertible in the wooded Sierras. At first, the shot is too far off to see much, but it cuts in on Kate and her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples enjoying the thrusting in the fresh air. She spreads her arms and grabs the sides of the windshield from the front seat to offer a spread eagle view of her chest. Great thrusting and moans too!! The scene lasts for a little less than a minute unfortunately. At :37.5, Kate is in a bedroom directed to strip by Lou and you get to see her longest/best nudity of the movie with several clear shots of her breasts. At :51.5, a first-hesitant Kate submits to Lou's directions to do a f/f with Monique Parent while he videotapes (what was HE thinking?!) You see Kate's breasts (tame nudity in comparison) and a pan-down along her body on top of Monique. At 1:07, she again is having sex with Lou in a warehouse...very little here except the top of her ass and back as she sits talking to him.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Sex in a car

This is a great sex scene! Kate is pretty and has nice, smallish breasts, but it's the sex itself which is great! The guy is sitting on the front seat with Kate in his lap her back to the windshield and dash. They're in a convertible, so Kate holds on to the top of the windshield to steady herself while he thrusts away.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Lesbian sex with Monique Parent

Kate's boyfriend hires a call girl to have sex with her while he watches. At first Kate is hesitant, but Monique lures her into the shower and then the two end up in bed. There are a lot of good looks at Kate's nice body while the two pleasure each other.

BouncyTits was written on May 16, 2001

good display - decent woman

Kate Vernon is okay, but not too attractive. Still she does a lot of nudity and actually utters the line "Fuck me. Fuck me now." while tied up to a bed. She shows off her smallish tits quite a bit and she's pretty. And this movie is pretty...awful. Lou Diamond Phillips is the worst actor ever, and he also directed this P.O.S. Watch it for the sex scenes and try to pretend that Lou Diamond Phillips isn't there. His voice can get irritating, but at least Kate shows off her titties a number of times in this awful, awful movie.

soulman was written on August 3, 2002

Several Tit Shots.

Vernon may not have the best body in the world, but I think she's sexy as hell. Her scenes are pretty much limited to several tit shots, although I wish see had shown some ass (she seems to have a nice one). You see her small tits in several scenes with Phillips and a lesbo scene with Parent. Worth **1/2 stars at best.

Serna was written on November 22, 2000

worth a look

Tits out, noisy sex scenes with Phillips and Parent.

Sorcerer was written on December 11, 1999


Beautiful girl- small breasts, but they do command your attention. There are two scenes that I feel are particularly of note. One is having sex with Lou (who actually shows more than her) in the car topless- another one of those convincing sex scenes that isn't seen often enough. They picked a good piece of music to set it to, as well. Later, she has a lesbian scene with a call-girl as Lou videotapes the encounter. Mmmm.

Gordon was written on November 9, 2001

Two othe sex scenes

I failed to mention two other sex scenes in my previous reviews. In the one she is tied up by Lou Diamond Phillips in bed and he then proceeds to screw her (I believe this is where she asks him to "F*** me now."). In the other they are in a warehouse. Kate is on her stomach on the floor as he takes her from behind. This is a pretty badly acted movie, but Kate has several awesome sex and nude scenes.

nudedude was written on June 27, 1999

Several Topless scenes

This is a great movie if you like Kate Vernon. All scenes are very erotic and lengthy - this is a definite must see!

Hostile Takeover (1988)
Cyclone was written on January 28, 2000

Breast glimpses

Kate has a couple of bare breasted scenes in this movie, but neither are very memorable. One scene is very dark, but the other does provide us a pretty good look at her right breast. Still, it's not much to get excited about.

Roadhouse 66 (1985)
ATL was written on November 11, 1999

Love Scene

During her love scene with Judge Reinhold, you get to see a very brief glimpse of her small...breasts. I believe this is one of her first films. The love scene is kind of dark but the entire film is good.

Cyclone was written on January 9, 2000

Poorly lit sex scene

It's pretty clear that Kate has a nice body, but we can barely see it in this movie. Her nude scene has very poor lighting, and so we only get a mediocre view of her nice breasts and a bit of the side of her butt. Not worth checking out.

Alphabet City (1984)
duckem was written on August 12, 2000

nude on bed and love scne later

Her first feature role.
This movie showed promise by having Kate lying nude on bed in the very first scene. But it's dark and you can see only her butt. The love scene is not till nearly an hour later. Again the scene is dark but this time you can see her breasts make their debut appearance.

Cyclone was written on August 16, 2000

Two poor scenes

We can see Kate's butt in the opening scene, but the shot is very dark. Then we can see her breasts in a sex scene much later on, but again, things are generally dark. Definitely not worth checking out.

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