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year title
1994 Silk Degrees 1 Review
1991 Ambition 1 Review
1990 Crash and Burn 1 Review

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Silk Degrees (1994)
cecil was written on June 16, 2002


She and Mark Hamill are standing in a lake. She is apparently topless and we see sides and tops of her breasts as he kisses the tops of her breasts. A full view is hidden either by her arms, his hands, or water. The scene ends as she stabs him in the neck.

Ambition (1991)
Immy was written on November 20, 2008

Topless (1:14)

Hooker Katherine knocks on ex-con Clancy Brown's door. When he answers she lets herself in, but he doesn't know why she's there. She starts to strip but he backs away, wanting nothing to do with her. When she's down to just a g-string Lou Diamond Phillips bursts in and kicks her out. A couple of great looks at her C-cups as she teases him.

Crash and Burn (1990)
Immy was written on October 19, 2008

Topless (1:00)

Katherine is in the shower when Bill Moseley sneaks in with her. They start going at it until she realizes he's an android and freaks out. Nice topless scene, mostly in profile, that lasts about a minute. Great C-cups.

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