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2012 In the Best Possible Taste 2 Reviews
2012 Best Possible Taste, The 0 Reviews

Katherine Kelly's Biography

Was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 2004-06, then a regular on the soap opera Coronation Street, winning best actress at the British Soap Awards. Her younger sister Gracie Kelly is also an actress.

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In the Best Possible Taste (2012)
georgelloyd1 was written on October 3, 2012

Wedding night

Katherine Kelly stars as the wife of gay dj Kenny Everett. About 29 minutes in, we see her riding him in bed, her bare back to us and a sheet wrapped around her waist. Although they have sex on this occasion, the film implies it's a one-off.

Ghostwords was written on October 3, 2012


The correct title for this tv movie (part of BBC4's series of dramas focussing on the lives of figures in British entertainment) is The Best Possible Taste.

Best Possible Taste, The (2012)

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