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1993 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday 3 Reviews

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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
Vikico was written on August 27, 2000

Topless after swimming in the lake.

She is who shows more in the film, and it is not much. But she remains the t-shirt in front of the camera, and there are those little breasts with erect nipples because the cold. She is quite well but she dies immediately.

soulman was written on July 4, 2002

Not Bad.

She returns to her campsite after a swim. She's wearing a t-shirt and panties. She removes her shirt and you get to see her nice, little tits and nice nips.

power was written on October 8, 2012

sex murder scene

this scene would get anyone horny. two hot teenagers (luke and debbie are making out in a tent) jason is waiting to kill them. debbie wants to use a condom, but luke seduces debbie into throwing it outside. luke tosses debbie on the ground, with her perfect tits showing. luke takes off her panties and she spreads her legs for him. OMG here it comes! they both smile at each other, so excited knowing they're about to fuck without a condom! hot luke thrust his cock in debbie, and they both sigh in enjoyment! soon debbie gets on top of her hot boyfriend and starts fucking him cowgirl style. her perfect tits in view. right when she cums jason kills her by stabbing her in the chest. and then he kills luke. i would have loved to have been luke in that situation, and watch my hot girlfriend killed while fucking me. a threesome would have ben nice too..

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