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Kaylani Lei's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Naked Lust 1 Review
2004 Kinky Sex Club 1 Review

Kaylani Lei's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 1 Review
2008 Zane's Sex Chronicles 1 Review
2007 Erotic Traveler 1 Review
2007 Co-Ed Confidential 1 Review
2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Various: The Voyeur

Although the sexy and playful Kaylani avoids full frontal, you can see the rest, in a variety of scenes and positions, that include simulating masturbation, stripping for Frankie Cullen, and having sex with him, even in some strange reverse piledriver position.

Zane's Sex Chronicles (2008)
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei walking into a room and removing her dress to reveal her breasts and black thong panties as she talks with a guy and then climbing into his lap and letting him lick her nipple and kiss her breasts before she has sex with him from behind while looking in a hand held mirror at him and then finally gets into a standing 69 position with him holding her in the air as they both go down on each other.

Erotic Traveler (2007)
McKinnon was written on November 7, 2013

Fantasy; "A Man and Two Women"

Kaylani imagines herself with Christine and Levi. The scene is appealing, but she's often distant from the camera. You mostly get some decent shots of her butt, her standing behind Levi, she and Christine feigning fellatio on him, and then a moment where she's kissing Christine.

Co-Ed Confidential (2007)
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Strip and sex; ep: The Hunt is On

Kaylani plays a rock star (complete with her own music video) who does a striptease for Kevin Patrick, showing everything (with frontal closeup as she lowers her panties), then sitting reverse cowgirl, leaning back onto him on the bench, riding him in the bed, all intercut with the music video.

Sex Games Vegas (2005)
McKinnon was written on August 13, 2011

Judge sex; ep: Miss Las Vegas

The beautiful Kaylani has two sex scenes in this episode, both with Noah Frank. The first has her on her back, her small, firm breasts poking out of her blue dress as Frank simulates cunnilingus then gets on top of her. She's soon naked, and riding him, but the scene is cut short. They have another scene near the end of the episode where you get a brief, close flash of her landing strip.

Naked Lust (2009)
McKinnon was written on July 22, 2011


Kaylani is the lead, and she does a great job, not only in comedy and acting, but also in sensuality. The movie is bookended by sex scenes with Kaylani and Matt Dalpiaz - the second is more playful and mostly just breasts when she's on her back (before this they're clothed and she's peeling fake facial hair off his face), but the first, in a recording studio, has more steam, and some fairly close views of her small dark landing strip. While talking to Leigh she has a flashback to a solo session - this is mostly breasts, and then her hand over her lower half as she plays with herself. Later still she joins Leigh in the shower, with the usual f/f positions (kneeling to trade cunnilingus, kissing each other's breasts) but the actresses seem to be into the scene, and there's no attempt to block some nudity with the camera angles. She has a boring couch session with her ex-boyfriend, mostly on her side with the guy behind her, although there is another quick frontal glimpse when her panties are being removed.

Kinky Sex Club (2004)
rbelkin was written on March 3, 2007

Very Comfortable all Nude - Sexy Though with Tattoo

She must perform under other names as I've seen her in lots of other softcore movies. If I had to guess, I would say she's Filipino. Small - cute though with a tattoo on her right arm to mar her beauty. She is also very comfortable all nude. She arrives at the pool topless (A-cups) to disapproval by Amy & Beverly (in bikinis) as they would never be topless by a pool ... unless asked, of course :-) And to annoy them further but good for us, she starts to make out her boyfriend and is soon completely nude. Again, brief view of her pubic area but legs pressed tightly together. She gives a nice convincing performance of giving and getting pleasure.

It is followed with a sexy shower scene where the guy stands behind her and soaps her up - quick glimpses at her small tuft of pubic hair before she turns to sit on a ledge and the guy puts his head between her legs - we see nothing more down there but her face is convincing us the guy is going a good job. While Beverly Lynne sneeks a peek - major disappointment that no one joins in.

She also a long threesome scene with Jadra Holly as the maid who joins in with Kaylani's boyfriend - not real imaginatively or sexily shot but serviceable and it is long - nearly 6 minutes.

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