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Keith Carradine's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1991 Payoff 1 Review
1989 Revenge of Al Capone, The 0 Reviews
1988 Moderns, The 3 Reviews
1984 Choose Me 2 Reviews
1979 Almost Perfect Affair, An 0 Reviews
1975 Nashville 1 Review

Keith Carradine's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Dexter 3 Reviews

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Dexter (2006)
Ozzie700 was written on July 26, 2009

Leaving bed; Episode: Resistance is Futile

In episode 9 of season 2, Keith leaves his girlfriend to start getting dressed. He was only a few years away from 60 when this was filmed, but his butt is just as shapely as it was back during Nashville.

Auron was written on November 21, 2009

Getting out of bed with Debra

As they wake up in the morning and talk, he gets a phone call and rises out of bed to immediately get dressed, and you see his entire backside and ass; he's in great shape for his age.

Not only that, but if you look closely inbetween his legs while he's opening the drawers, you can see the shadow of either his penis or balls dangling back and forth. Very hot!

gymnofrater was written on June 21, 2015

S02 E09 Resistance is Futile

Just after 12:28 a clear shot of Carradine's slightly soft, but slender and shapely butt as he jumps out of bed to answer a phone call. Not only is it a relatively pleasant shot, you can see something dangling between his legs from behind. A second shot captures his butt crack as he heads into the shower.

Payoff (1991)
cecil was written on January 5, 2004


Since someone already entered his name, I'll give a review. Near the beginning of the movie he is taking a shower, the camera is directly overheard, and he's looking straight up. At one point he finally leans forward enough and we see the top of his bare rear for a second or two. Next we see him out of the shower with a towel wrapped around himself.

Revenge of Al Capone, The (1989)
Moderns, The (1988)
simonx was written on October 1, 1998

bathtub scene

Keith talks to a girl who's in a bathtub. After a while he decides to join her. We see him walking towards the bathtub and climb in it (backside, head to toe). Next, they get off the bathtub to make out on the floor. Private parts covered by soap suds.

BMac was written on November 14, 2005

Playing the angles

Interesting movie, and as a straight guy I admit Carradine is in great shape. But the crew must have spent hours setting up camera angles as not to show anything more than a brief look at his ass. Fans may be happy or they may be annoyed.

Fling was written on September 10, 2004

Attractive but brief

In the expat Americans of 1920s Paris, Director Alan Rudolph finds an excellent match for his inventive but sometimes precious musings on the geometry of love.
Unfortunately, while Keith Carradine has an unexpectedly great body _ slim but strong, four stars _ we don't see much of the particulars here.
At 1:18:05, there's a good two-second shot of Keith's buns as he walks into the bathroom. While he's nude, the following love scene is shot so that Linda Fiorentino obscures much of him, and a shoulder or arm is always in the way of his private parts.
Besides vanity, there's often a good reason not to show full frontal male nudity: if Carradine isn't happy to see Fiorentino, the scene is, uh, limp. But watching something constructed as carefully as this not to reveal anything also is no fun.
For the best nudes in this movie, look at the minor players. Especially good are the street scenes at 1:07:29-54 and 1:08:43-49, with an undressed man with cock flopping and two largely nude women, one with great breasts. They add at least a star to this movie's overall nudity. If you can tolerate Linda Fiorentino, it's worthwhile.

Choose Me (1984)
Christoph was written on July 18, 2000

Butt shot entering shower

Brief butt shot as seen in mirror before entering shower. He has a really great butt.

Ozzie700 was written on November 8, 2001

Butt in Bathroom

I would've given this **** if the scene had lasted longer. I usually don't give 4 stars for rear only, but Keith has one of the truly underrated asses. Just watching his jutting cheeks in this film (which he's very sexy in even when clothed and shirtless only) reminds you of the beauty that results when nature and toning meet. He may have worked out to get that body, but he had a great ass to work with. Genetics must have blessed him. Of all the Keith Carradine rear scenes, this is the best. A little too scrawny before and a little too scrawny after. This shot is timeless.

Almost Perfect Affair, An (1979)
Nashville (1975)
Ozzie700 was written on June 27, 2001

He's Easy

Keith is the melancholy, shaggy singer/songwriter who sleeps with or is pursued by most of the younger women in this film. When the phone rings the morning after a tryst with Geraldine Chaplin, the camera pans to his butt as he picks up and has a conversation while sitting on the floor. I haven't seen this in a while, but from what I do remember it's rounder and firmer than you'd expect.

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