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Kekko Kamen 123 (1800)
voyeur was written on January 26, 2002

Masked, Caped, Naked, Shaved Avenger

These are three amazing short (40 min.)movies, available only through importers of Japanese videos. Make sure you get the Live Action version, not Anime. The first two are the best.
The action takes place in a boarding school in Japan, where the only thing standing between the children and the sadistic staff is Kekko Kamen.
She wears long boots, long gloves, a cape, a mask that covers her whole head, and that's it folks.
You've always dreamed about this, and here it is!
There are innumerable fight sequences where her cloak gets flung back to reveal all except her face. She has a truly spectacular body with full ripe breasts, a translucent ivory skin, and obviously shaves every day with the mask on. However.....
It turns out that when you shine a brilliant light head-on (so to speak) at a shaven pussy, you don't actually see what you are hoping to see. That only becomes visible when the light is shining from the side. It figures, when you think about it. So in fact, although these movies are fun to watch, the vital details are only visible from time to time (keep the finger on the Pause button). When these moments do occur, for example when she does a high kick, they will take your breath away so it's well worth the wait. By the way, the actress's real name has never been revealed, so I had to use the name of the character instead.

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