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2005 Secretaries 1 Review

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2006 Hotel Erotica Cabo 2 Reviews
2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Hotel Erotica Cabo (2006)
McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Sex with Boudreaux; ep: Stolen Kisses

Kelli looks a lot like Vanessa Williams in this episode (not intentional, I assume). She has a very hot sex scene with Douglas Boudreaux fairly early in the episode. They seem to be into it and he kisses his way down her body, lifts her up from the waist and legs, slaps at her breasts. Very intense yet sensuous scene.

McKinnon was written on June 17, 2011

Bed, shower; episode: Last Tango in Cabo

Kelli has a shapely yet natural body, slender but not too much. She has 2 sex scenes with Noah Frank which blur together, as they both basically involved her riding Frank on the bed, her on her side, her from the back as Noah stands off the bed and she's on the edge of the bed. She also has a fantasy sequence on the beach where she and Frank begin to kiss and her bikini top is lowered slightly. After her first sex scene with Frank she's shown in the shower with a few full body side looks, including a glimpse of her trimmed, dark bush. Since she did show everything and had 4 different scenes, I gave this 4 stars, but some of the sex scenes seem to be cut too short.

Sex Games Vegas (2005)
McKinnon was written on July 5, 2011

Outdoors; ep: Star Power

Kelli has sex with Dale DaBone in an outdoor park type of setting. She's wearing white thong panties, and has firm B cups. They have the usual positions such as doggy style but a few that give different angles, like when her legs are around his waist, giving a good view of her shapely brown backside. The only letdown is that they're having sex near a concrete barrier and this leads to some awkward poses.

Secretaries (2005)
candygirl was written on July 18, 2006


Kelli Brown stars in this late night thriller and reveals all her lovely assets...The best scene is with her and Alana Evans rubbing lotion and doing the nasty..

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