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Kelly McGillis' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Monkey's Mask, The 8 Reviews
1998 Painted Angels 4 Reviews
1991 Grand Isle 1 Review
1989 Cat Chaser 14 Reviews
1988 House On Carroll Street , The 2 Reviews
1985 Witness 6 Reviews

nudity reviews for Kelly McGillis member submitted

Monkey's Mask, The (2000)
robie46 was written on August 7, 2002

all lesbian scenes with Susie Porter

I have to admit that being 49 myself I have an affinity for nude scenes involving older women and believe me Kelly McGillis really delivers the goods in this pleasant surprise of a movie. The much younger Porter, if you don't mind underarm hair, is a perfect match for the older McGillis' perfect body. Porter has full frontal scenes while Kelly comes close but doesn't quite show it all. Still there are two highly erotic lesbian scenes coming at about 23 and 49 minutes into the film. You can skip the last half hour which ties up the rather pedestrian murder mystery that acts merely as an excuse for the nude scenes.

Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

4 scenes

At :21.75-:24, Susie takes off Kelly's bra, softly pushes her onto her back and kisses her breasts as Kelly strokes her face...great looking tan body with excellent shots of Kelly's breasts in a well-lit scene; the last minute shows the two of them reclining in bed afterward. At :29.75, Kelly is seen in Susie's lap as Susie strokes her hair...35 sec. breasts from Kelly. [At :38-:39.75, Kelly is shaving Susie's legs in the bathtub; however, throughout the scene, no nudity is seen from Kelly.] At :49-:50, Kelly pleasures Susie while Kelly's on top...better views of Susie and lesser of Kelly. At 1:00-1:01, Kelly's breasts are viewable through a see-through black bra while getting dressed. 44 yrs. old with 2'd never know it. Good job!

nudity_elitist was written on June 24, 2002

whoa, old woman!

I don't care what anyone says, this is the best movie for Mcgillis nudity made to date. Sure, Cat Chaser had the big-ol' full frontal shot but the lighting was extremely dim and the content was very disturbing. This one on the other hand showcases Kelly in various stages of undress/bathing/lovemaking in FULL light. Oh, and by the way, her love interest is a WOMAN! Kelly does it up naughty-style with another chick. Sure, she's getting on in age, but she honestly looks as good in this as in anything else she has done in the last 6-8 years. Her nips are ROCK hard. Can any of you think of another actress who gains more and more courage to do nude/erotic scenes as she ages as much as Kelly? I mean, come on, where was all this skin when she was in her prime?

Warlokc was written on August 29, 2002

Mature woman

I have to offer a dissenting opinion. Kelly McGillis must be aging faster than normal, because she once seemed to be maybe ten years older than me, and now more like 30. There was nudity in this movie, but none that I found myself glad to have seen. Unless, with another reviewer of this movie, you specifically prefer old looking women, I would avoid this one.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on July 11, 2003


Kelly looks good, but had she done this in her Top Gun/Witness heyday, it would have been three stars--four if she showed bush. As it is, she's completely naked and manages to show a lot of flesh, but she's stategically posed to never show bush or buttocks.

Bootydaddy was written on August 31, 2002

Not bad for an older gal

Kelly has hung together pretty well through the years. She plays a lesbo in this flick and has many encounters with Mrs. Porter. Many veiws of her tits, I didn't see any ass shots (I saw a widescreen version), there was maybe a hint of bush when the 2 are lying on bed, but it was too hard to tell.

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

WAY past her prime nudity

Although she still looks great and the scene is hot, I downgraded because she should have done this a few decades ago!

00:21:00 Great view of Kelly's pleasure pillows as Susie Porter kisses them.

00:30:00 Kelly is completely starkers, first rubbin' muffin with Susie, then lying with her head in her lap. Good stuff.

00:49:00 Naked on top of Susie Porter during a very hot lesbo scene.

Maxijan was written on January 12, 2002

Lesbian with Susie Porter

The scenes has it all. Clear wiev of tits and ass, and even hints of bush. Next after Cat Chaser the best scenes Kelly has done.

Painted Angels (1998)
fargalaxy was written on November 6, 2000

very good

we get a clear and good look at her breasts when the man she is siting with in the bed opens her top by the way she is 41 when she has done this movie

nudity_elitist was written on June 9, 2002


The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be....

vpup was written on June 13, 2001


The nudity is OK, but given the fact she only 41 she looks ooooold. Could think of at least half dozen actresses that looked better at the same age.

whiteraven was written on February 2, 2003

Blame the Promoters

It has been sometime since I have seen this movie. I saw the box again in a small video store just the other day. I am usually taken back by some of the comments. But in part (LARGE), this is the fault of the promoters who obviously did not see this film made in the manner of a dark brooding Scandinavian melodrama and is more of a slice of the darker side of prostitution. It is NOT sexy because it is NOT suppose to be sexy. But this did not stop the promoters from packaging it in a box with three young beautiful lovelies on the cover who of course are not even in the movie with the following "Expert in the pleasures of the flesh, these women...put the wild in the west." So I cannot blame some from being annoyed at not being given what was promised.

Grand Isle (1991)
DBW was written on January 19, 1999

lovemaking, naked swim

Her breasts are on display during a fairly long lovemaking scene, and at the end of the film she takes off all her clothes and has a lengthy swim out to sea. Definitely recommended for McGillis fans. The film itself is a very slow-moving adaptation of Kate Chopin's novel The Awakening.

Cat Chaser (1989)
vpup was written on December 20, 2003

Confirm No Frontal

I could confirm that the full frontal scene is removed from the dvd. Wished I read the previous review before I rented the dvd. Arg...

Be careful about the comment about Mr. Skin. FYI, this site IS operated by Mr. Skin.

eaglespyharry was written on May 24, 2003

Fully open legs

If this isn't worth four stars nothing is. The uncut version - with the brightness on your screen turned up - is UNBELIEVABLE. Kelly lays down on the bed with at gunpoint. Her knees are bent and her legs partially open. Her crazy husband tells her to open her legs. She parts them about 2 feet and you can clearly see her pussy. She then cries out and completely spreads her legs wide open. No pussy lips visible but full rich bush. WOW!

MrKeithTalent was written on September 22, 1999

used and abused

Gets it on with Weller and we see him grabbing her surgically enhanced boobs. Later cums the **** material. In a darkly lit scene on a bed she's held at gunpoint by her goofy husband. He makes her strip naked, everything is on display: boobs bush etc. Then, horror of horrors he sticks the gun right in her bush. Kelly's going nuts, man. She takes off to the other room, so we can see her ass, in the corridor we see her from the front as well. Her husband catches up and slaps her upside the head and pulls her hair and stuff, while we get different nude views of her. Pretty abusive scene. Brave Kelly. Nice Kelly. She earned her pay on this turkey, thats for sure.

Ghostwords was written on July 16, 2012


There is apparently an unedited version of the scene with her husband, in which Ms McGillis' knees are drawn up and the camera gets a far better view of her bush. Unfortunately for us, it's still very poorly lit (what a waste).
Look here:[email protected]_Chaser-6.jpg.

Winchester was written on December 7, 1999

Kelly at the sexploitation

This is a classic low-budget sexploitation movie... but a good one, and worth to see it. The whole movie is dark and high contrast (seems like was filmed in 16mm), so the nude scenes are diffuse. At the first, i can remember Robo-Weller's ass (but who cares?) and Kelly's legs around him... but the best occurs later, when Kelly is abused by her husband; she is forced to take off her robe, getting nude in a full frontal shot... a few later she's lying over the bed and a gun run over her naked body; her breasts and vagina are visible, but diffuse by a lot shadows. This sort of rape-in-marriage scene could be hard and offensive for women; and the couple of full frontal male-nude scenes are disgusting too (two guys forced to get naked into a shower and killed by Charles Durning with a gun... male genitals are clearly visible, but also a lot of blood...). Despite this, is a good movie and seeing Kelly nude in one of her hottest performances is simply amazing.

oldbabe was written on January 6, 2002

Loved and then Abused

First off while making out with the hero of the film, at about 0:22, Kelly's surgically enlarged breasts can be seen as described by the others. After that she wears an open-in-the-middle blouse, you can see her cleavage and her pointed nips can be made out through the dress. Then "the scene", at about 1:00 her husband forced her to strip at gunpoint and then lay on the bed which she dutifully did.
Both her surgically enlarged breasts and bush can be seen (in the version I saw). He went on to force his gun on her mouth, on her surgically enhanced right breast, and then out of view, her pubic area (maybe there's some version which graphically shows this). She ran around and get slapped and pushed. All great stuff. She is one sexy woman. However, I still prefer her pre-surgery in Witness. The tits were smaller then but looked a lot more natural and desirable.

alekhidell was written on June 24, 1999


There is a scene where Mgillis is having sex with some guy, where you can see her tits. Then there is a scene that might be the best scene i've seen in a movie. Mgillis's husband makes her get out of bed and disrobe. He then tells her to lie down on the bed. She is buck naked. It is dark, but you can see her tits and bush. Her husband makes her spread her legs (WOW) and he pokes his gun in her bush, then he pokes at her tits as well. She then runs out and you can see her ass, and tits again. This scene is excellent-4 stars. This is the sexiest i have seen any actress of signifigance do. Buck naked, rent it, buy it.

Cazzo was written on June 22, 2002

Forced to strip at gunpoint

Definitely Kelly's best nudity. It's all been described below but to recap, she's forced to strip at gunpoint and her boobs and bush are in full view. The version I saw had no problems with lighting. She's then forced to lay down on the bed and her husband runs his gun over her right nipple, down her body and off camera, up her crack. She then kicks him and runs off nude, her pretty ass on full display. He catches her and slaps her around, forcing her to her knees to sign some document whilst she's still fully nude. All good stuff.

ComputerGeek was written on April 10, 2002

full frontal....there are 2 versions

In the scene where her husband gets her to strip, there are 2 different versions, one well lit, where you get get to clearly see McGillis' tits and bush, in the other version they darkened the scene so you can only see a bit. I've seen them both. The undarkened version is very impressive.

RichT was written on November 29, 2001

Chasing Kelly's "Cat"

Admittedly the scene where she is forced to strip and lie on the bed totally naked, IS badly lit, but in the version I saw there was still some reasonable lighting through the window, which alows a great view of Kelly's boobs n bush. I must admit I was a bit suprised at Kelly showing quite so much of her suprisingly nice body, particulalry after her more reserved nudity roles in Witness and Top Gun. Anyway, I personally am rather glad she decided to be so brave and reveal ALL, and she has got a MUCH better body than I expected, especially her cute bush !

scanman was written on August 7, 2001

If ever there was a disappointment, this is it!

I've heard stories about Kelly being nude a couple of times in this movie... including full frontal, so I was very excited. Well, the scenes are so f****ng dark... you can't see ANYTHING!!!
Some glimpses of her breasts if you look very carefully... that's it! If you expect to get a good view of a nude Kelly McGillis in this movie: FORGET IT!!!!

DBW was written on January 19, 1999

violent attack

McGillis is pulled out of bed stark naked by her husband, who then smacksher around and threatens to kill her. The scene is so poorly lit and so brutalit's not worth seeing.

Warlokc was written on December 19, 2003

Leg Spread Scene gone from DVD

Do not buy the DVD of this movie. The leg spread shot is totally gone. Mr. Skin reports on his lame website that the gyno scene is in. He is a lazy turd.

nudity_elitist was written on September 8, 2001

giving the phrase, "top gun" new meaning

Put it this way, This is clearly the best nude stuff Kelly has ever done or will ever do.....but it still only gets 2 stars. One for content and one for bush.

House On Carroll Street , The (1988)
grong was written on June 21, 1999

Topless in bath

We briefly see Kelly's breasts as she submerges herself in a bath. Not really worth seeing unless you have good memories of her in Top Gun.

LeroyBrown was written on December 11, 2001

Both Breasts

Overhead shot shows her topless as she submerges in the bathtub. Rather quick and the shot was not very good. Her breasts were at the very bottom of the screen and was almost cutoff. Nevertheless it's both breasts showing so I'm giving it a deuce.

Witness (1985)
oldbabe was written on January 6, 2002

Washing Up

Kelly, with her hair all bundled up, she was washing herself, topless but still wearing her Amish clothing bottom. At first the view is just from the back as she washes her feet, then wipes her top, et cetra. Her overall body was firm and sturdy while her arms and shoulder were unexpectedly quite muscular. As usual your bathroom has to be either doorless, ajar or with wide open windows for nude scenes to succeed. And when she realised Harrison Ford was having a peek outside she turned around a few brief moments to show him (and of course, us) her pre-surgery and moderately-sized breasts. The tits were hanging sort of centrally in her torso (why wouldn't they? but it was kind of too oddly centrally positioned as opposed to sagging). But overall, it was still extremely arousing since they are 100% natural albeit small-ish. Compare this four years later in "Cat Chaser", with more explicit scenes but with enlarged and pretentious-looking boobs.

axl was written on February 5, 2000

full view

Kelly is in a room and Harrison walks in on her and sees her topless while she just stands there and stares back at him. You get a good view of her breasts.

Ghostwords was written on October 4, 2011

Wash basin

In this classic scene, Amish widow Rachel (Ms McGillis) is washing with a sponge when she realises she's been watched by Detective Book (Harrison Ford).

As the sequence opens, we see her bare back and then her left breast from the side (the nipple is quite prominent in profile). There's a cut to him, then back to her. This time, it's a full view of Ms McGillis from the waist up, slightly turned to her right so that the left breast is more in shot. Book looks down, then up, but the frame has switched to head & shoulders, after which she turns her back upon him.

Alphonse was written on March 25, 1999


In a sexually tense moment, Harrison Ford watches Kelly while she washes her tits. There's a brief glimpse of them, and they're quite nice. This is a great movie made even better by this wonderful tit scene.

nudity_elitist was written on September 8, 2001


After seeind her average tits it's no wonder the producers of Top Gun didn't demand she do a nude scene. Plus she is extremely unattractive in general in this flick.

nudity_elitist was written on September 8, 2001


After seeing her average tits it's no wonder the producers of Top Gun didn't demand she do a nude scene. Plus she is extremely unattractive in general in this flick.

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