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1997 Habitat 2 Reviews
1984 Covergirl 0 Reviews

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Habitat (1997)
Owepar was written on January 3, 2006


Near the end of the film, Welsh is punished for his misdeeds and loses his clothes (to say much more is to spoil the film). For a man of his age, he looked pretty good... but the scene is brief and his appendage is nothing to write home about.

spanishirish was written on August 27, 2012

Not really a frontal but decent ass

This ageing actor was a little younger here though not by much, he was about mid 50s and grey haired.
The film is atrocious tbh but it was a nice surprise to see nudity unexpectedly.
Walsh goes naked at the 1hr 34min mark exactly and he is heavily perspiring all over his body due to the scene and plot development and as he walks away we see his quite decent body in all it's glory from behind. There is a very very slight flash of a frontal but it's too quick and looks more like just a thick of pubic hair as he stands from the side and turns showing his ass again.
Then as he is sucked into some womb like slithery surface (it's a bizarre sci-fi film) we get another flash of his ass.
Nice surprise for a crazy trashy film.

Covergirl (1984)

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