Gurnee, Illinois, USA

Kevin Anderson's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1993 Wrong Man, The 1 Review
1991 Liebestraum 3 Reviews
1990 Orpheus Descending 1 Review

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Wrong Man, The (1993)
Samuel was written on October 7, 1998

Getting up from bed and then back again

A very, very clear shot of Anderson's cute butt as he gets up off the bed, walks over to the sink and then returns to the bed walking backwards. You see his buns and a rather clear, if brief, glimpse of his balls between his legs. Recommended.

Liebestraum (1991)
Jane was written on November 20, 1998

Toweling off after a shower

Almost a full frontal shot. As he is walking from the bathroom to the window the towel he is using swings away and you get a quick peek at pubic hair and possibly something more (need to brighten the picture and use slo-mo). A good tease.

atomic was written on August 7, 2003

cock after shower

After he took a shower you can see his dick It's a very nice middle sized cock

Ozzie700 was written on August 21, 2002

Worth it?

Even if you have X-ray vision and can make the towel invisible, you might not be able to see anything, because the lighting is atrocious. This is very pointless nudity.

Orpheus Descending (1990)
murray was written on September 22, 1998

nude scene

Nice butt scene, no frontal nudity.

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