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year title
2007 Holby Blue 1 Review
2004 9 Songs 17 Reviews
1999 Virtual Sexuality 10 Reviews

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2003 Burn It 3 Reviews

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Burn It (2003)
GDH was written on March 3, 2003

Full frontal and backside

In the fourth episode, O'Brien is standing outside his house, clad only in a towel, talking to Christopher Coghill. Suddenly, Coghill rips O'Brien's towel off. Before he claps his hands over his groin, we see O'Brien's penis (he's a well-built chap). Then we see his nice bum as he runs to collect the towel which Coghill has dropped a few yards away. Quite a good scene; if the full-frontal exposure had been longer I would have given it four stars.

GDH was written on March 31, 2003

Quick full frontal

In the sixth episode, O'Brien is seen undressing and jumping into the Manchester Ship Canal. It's a fairly long shot, but we do get a brief full frontal.

spanishirish was written on August 8, 2012

Nude in a couple of episodes

Burn It was a great little-known BBC3 drama about 3 Manchester lads turning 30.
O'Brien is with Chris Coghill on his doorstep when Coghill pulls his towel away leaving O'Brien to quickly cover his genitals with his hands but you get a quick glimpse at his penis and balls. Then after Coghill as ran off and dropped the towel, we see O'Brien's butt as he goes to retrieve it..all outside in the open!!

Holby Blue (2007)
Ghostwords was written on May 8, 2007

Brief buns (pre-watershed)

In the very first episode of this BBC cop show, O'Brien's character is introduced with a fairly energetic sex scene against a bedroom wall (the actress doesn't seem to be credited, but shows nothing of note). Interrupted by the arrival downstairs of his colleague, O'Brien leaps across the bed and ducks out the bedroom door. Hitting the pause button indicates he's naked (we see his right side and part of his right buttock), although he might have pulled shorts on by the final show (we just see the start of his buttcrack).

9 Songs (2004)
Opticon was written on September 13, 2005

Buns, balls, and a 6-inch banger

The nude scenes come thick and fast -- too many to describe in detail. In these secnes Mr. O'Brien's penis is often on display, though the photography is of the grainy, hand-held, videocam variety. Mr. O'Brien's penis is often erect and if graded as small, medium, large, or Clint Walker, it'd probably fall into the "large" category. It's uncircumcized with a barely retracted foreskin and is quite veiny. Mr. O'Brien's sac, however, is disappointingly small and it stays close to his body rather than dangling down. On the other hand, the testicles inside this sac seem to be busily producing sperm because his ejaculation is quite copious. Mr. O'Brien has the usual amount of pubic hair and underarm hair but his chest is virtually hairless and his nipples only routine in size and erectile quality. His buttocks are pleasant in appearance but not showcased as much as one might expect.

emma31293 was written on January 1, 2011

huge uncircumsized penis

Kieran o'brien doesn't get naked as much as his co-star but when he does it is very good. The best, and most explicit part is when you see him get a (real) blow job (he comes), for several seconds you see his penis up close as she starts to touch him. His penis is huge and also uncircumcised. And at the very end you see them have sex, she's on top. The sex is very slow at first but after a bit she starts to go up and down and you can see it from behind. He's wearing a condom and you can see he's a bit big for it. I'm sure for the woman it must have been intense!

ravenboy was written on February 20, 2005

The Full Monty

We see Kieran bare from every angle, member at full mast and ejaculation / ejaculate onscreen. Forget Brown Bunny. This is the ne plus ultra! Oh, and then there are the other scenes.

emma31293 was written on October 24, 2010

Blow job and sex

Ok so you see him naked in a few parts at the end, first it shows him getting a blowjob (and it goes all the way meaning you see him come), and then after that they have sex, you see it from behind and she is on top of him. When he gets a blowjob it shows his penis erect but from far away. But during the sex you can see it better and its HUGE. Very hot.

trackstart was written on July 18, 2011


Kieran O'Brien exposes himself in more ways than one in this lackluster romance. The entire film is about sex, so we get plenty of views of his body. The sex is all real too which a huge plus. Kieran is tan, has a fairly fit build, a nice tan, cute butt, and a surprisingly huge uncut dick. His pubes are fairly thick and dark too.

Possibly the most graphic scene I've seen outside of porn comes more near the end of the time. It's when he gets a blowjob from his female costar. She sucks on his balls, licks his foreskin (he's hard, but it's not pulled bacl), and then starts blowing him. You have to see him while he's getting sucked off. It's so hot. He keeps sucking in his stomach, and breathing harder. They close up on his face, and you can tell she's doing a good job. Then it cuts to a zoom out, and we Kieran creams a huge load on his chest. VERY HOT!

Not an amazing film, but check it out for O'Brien. He's hot, and his ejaculation scene will make your mouth water.

stopdrop was written on January 11, 2011

So hot

O'Brien appears nude through out the entire film. In constant sex scenes and one stripping scene. O'Brien is well built, tan, uncut, with a good size. He has a bit of a scruffy look to him. All of his sex scenes are hot and erotic. The best scene comes near the end of the film. O'Brien gets a bj from his co-star, up close and graphic. We see her going down on him, sucking on his testicles, and licking his foreskin. His expression during the whole scene is fantastic. It's an expression of pure orgasmic joy. And here's the best part, he ejaculates on camera. And alot too. She pulls his foreskin back and forth a bit, and he oozes out, and gives a hot look of satisfaction. Very hot.

GDH was written on March 12, 2005


I suspect this UK film about a young couple's sex (and concert-going) habits will be heavily censored in many jurisdictions! O'Brien appears naked (sometimes in shadowy and/or fleeting shots) frequently in it: first we see his bum and penis (both flaccid and erect) in a sex scene with Margot Stilley; then his penis in the bath as Stilley masturbates him with her feet. When he strips and runs into the sea we get an all-over nude shot; and his bum as he's on all fours on the bed. In another sex scene we see him kneeling on the bed, holding his condom-clad penis in his hand. There's several close-ups of his penis (erect again!) as Stilley gives him a blow-job; this sequence ends with a pleasing full-length (shot from the side) nude view of him as he ejaculates. Later we see a very nice view of his bum, shot from his feet as he lays on the bed; and finally his erect penis as he penetrates Stilley. It's got to be said - O'Brien is definitely built for full-frontal nudity.

fatbysexual was written on December 11, 2005

Sexual Paradise For Everyone

Being a bysexual, I can honestly say that the sex scenes in this are great for both sexs and all sexualities. Keiren O'Brian has a seriously huge penis and a great ass, and his nudity in the film is worth the 4 stars.

Push_the_Button was written on August 7, 2007

Nude throughout most of the film.

Kieran appears naked throughout most of the film, including real penetrative sex with his co-star Margot Stilley. In his first nude scene in the film, Stilley kisses his bare ass, before sliding his foreskin over his erect penis. In a bath scene, Stilley masturbates him with her feet. In another scene, he strips off at the beach and runs into the sea. In another scene, he puts on a condom as he prepares for sex. The best nude scene comes when he is given a blow job. Stilley sucks his testicles, before sucking his dick and moving his foreskin up and down in motion. He eventually ejaculates a heavy load. In his final nude scene, he has full-on penetrative sex with Stilley. He has a great body and a large, uncircumcized penis.

PubicHairandNipples was written on July 31, 2005

Orgasm - nice one, mate!

Kieran, as the other reviewers state, is naked and shows the lot. The really interesting thing is that this is a conventional, non-porn actor, who we see cum.

The best bit has to be when Stilley masturbates O'Brien and we see his orgasm. We get to see the expression on his face, his mouth open, and his sperm lying on his chest. Kieran looks fantastic naked and it's a wonderful orgasm - three cheers for Mr O'Brien!

emma31293 was written on November 23, 2010

So good

OK so my only complaint is that you have to wait a really long time into the movie to see him naked but is definitely worth it. You see him get a blow job and see his erect penis as he ejaculates. And then at the end it shows her on top of him and you can clearly see his penis and its really big. I got really turned on when they had sex because she's a normal girl (non pornographic actress) making love to a man with a large cock. She rides it hard too. HOT.

D666D was written on March 6, 2006

Hard cock and ONSCREEN ejeculation

During a sex scene, we get to seen this totally hot actor full frontal, hard and we even get to watch his cum splatter... shame its hetero! LOL

emma31293 was written on October 11, 2010


At the end of the movie you see him naked a few times. First, there is a blow job scene (and it shows it all the way meaning you see him come), and the they have sex with her on top. Its actually real and you can see his penis going all the way inside of her. In a couple parts it actually shows him fully erect and he's huge.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2014

Like Stilley, he shows everything

He wasn't as handsome when he was younger, but he's still quite nice to look at. Nice pubic hair, nice ass, and an impressive tool (as evidenced by Stilley's wet vulva during the final sex scene). Nice to see a movie give both sexes equal opportunity here, in terms of nudity. Neither O'Brien or Stilley hold nothing back in terms of nudity.

Ghostwords was written on September 7, 2005

Filling Stilley

My main thought in the final sex scene was "Lucky sod", but taking into account the size of his, ahem, performance, no doubt there were a few who thought "Lucky girl".

AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015


I've always found Kieran super sexy, nice to know he's good at fucking too. Fit body, cute body and a big uncut cock! My favorite part is the blowjob scene. Kieran lets out some sexy moans as Margo talks his big business in her mouth. She must be doing a good job because he keeps sucking in his stomach and moaning uncontrollably. We even see him finish! He shoots out a nice big load. Looks yummy!

hickeyfan was written on June 9, 2013

The previous reviewer says it all

Mr O' Brien is naked and erect a few times, with clear penetration, fellatio and ejaculation.

Virtual Sexuality (1999)
Mattg was written on January 16, 2000

Brief frontal shot

He's not particularly cute, although his character is supposed to be a stud wannabe. In the boys' locker room scene, we get to see Kieran's penis full about a second before it's covered over by some funny little X's superimposed by the film's editors. In fact, you get to see several boys' members for split seconds before the editing (presumably for the MPAA) of X's. See the film to find out what I mean.

FRuSTRaTeD was written on January 8, 2001

full frontal of many boys

This film's nudity is extraordinary. Though it's only really one scene, the volume of nudity, plus the quality of the extras' penises, makes it one of the best I've seen.
The only let down is the fact that after a few seconds of each penis coming into view, it is covered by a red 'X', obviously for rating purposes.
When the main characters first enter the locker room, we glimpse 3 totally nude boys playing around. Make sure you hit pause when the actor walks in from the left! His is pretty nice!
When the leads re-enter the locker room, more penises come into view, and are quickly covered by the 'X's. You do however get a good look at the guy on left when he moves his towel away, and his penis kind of bounces left to right a few times.
The best shot of all, though, is by Kieran, who has already, in the movie, been said to be "hung like a donkey", and it's true! When he steps out into full view, you can clearly see his dick hanging nice and low past his balls. The shot is very good, and extremely arousing, as he seems to be proud to be showing it all off on screen. Again the 'X' covering him up ruins the end of the scene, but we've already seen enough to be completely satisfied.
I would love to see an uncensored version of this film released, just for the longer glimpses of the extremely hot young actors and extras.

altarboy was written on July 30, 2000

Brief Full Frontal

The things said by the previous reviewer about the x'ing out is true, however, there are bleeps thoughout the entire movie, not just on the nude shots. The locker room scene in this movie is worth a view rewinds and freeze frames. To describe his penis....is long a word?

budwhite was written on July 31, 2000

shower room explosition

What can I say, its perfect and i never saw complete nudity of male or shld i say a couple of males. I really don't know this actor , so i guess i cldnt react with his performance too well. But a good satrt i believe.

BiBoySTL was written on June 27, 2000

Locker-room full frontal.

You can see Kieran O'Brien's British, uncut "wanker" after a basketball game in the locker-room. He is an attractive boi, but it's his teammates that caught my eye more than him. There are many young extras who show everything as well.

Guiseppe was written on November 17, 2007

Kieran's 12 inch dick!

Kieran O' Brien is a very different type of handsome and is not exactly handsome in this film. He has scraggily, long black hair in tangles that do not improve his attractiveness at all but more or less takes it away. In an extended shower scene, where we gets tons of beautiful male flesh lingering in the frames, Kieran shows of his well-endowedness for different amounts of time until little red x's appear over all the boy's frontals. The x's are a big nuisance since all the shower boy's are well built and really handsome, but their dicks don't even compare to Kieran's. It looks that boy is hung 12 inches!!!!

patrok was written on May 26, 2001

Locker room

The point of the Xs was to further puntuate the dick size discussion/joke that was going on in the scene.Obviously Kieran had a large X. I thought it was funny how a poorly endowed actor had a very small X appear over his very small penis. And it easily covered it entirely!

wheble2299 was written on May 31, 2000

brief frontal

You get to see Kieran's very long hairy penis for a few seconds before it is covered by big red X's. He also has a very very nice body to look at. His chest is very muscular and he has a nice 6 pack. There are also many other naked men is the scene. Somethimes they also have the red X's but many times they don't. I do not know who any of them are since they have no lines.

WickedBoi was written on March 15, 2002

Locker-room willy shots

Whoa! Now this is a hot nude scene. Kieran has a tanned, fit body, with great muscletone, a nice ass and good strong six-pack. But what I was really surprised by was just how big his tool is. Characters say earlier on in the film that he's "hung like a donkey", and yes, he truly is in real life too. In the locker-room scene, he turns around to face the camera, spreads his legs, and proudly shows off his very, very long, uncut flaccid cock. It dangles well past his hairy balls and midway down his thighs! What makes Kieran sexy in this scene is how he's so brazenly exhibitionistic - he's clearly loving showing off the length of his willy to everyone, just like his character in the film!

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on November 15, 2002

Homoerotic heaven!

First up, the 3 stars are for this 1 entire scene in which Keiran is naked along with various other unnamed cast members in a changing room scene straight out of homoerotic heaven! It starts with a close up of 2 anonymous guys' butts. The guy on the right has an extremely shiny, elasticy smooth butt which moves nicely as he walks out of shot. Then there a 2 VERY pretty boys - both slim and smooth, 1 cute and laddish and 1 meditteranean looking, who briefly show off all they've got before comedy X's cover their glory - the cute laddish boy has the bigger X and you'll see why! When it cuts to them again the cheeky looking one is drying himself with a towel and his flaccid (definitely not fully soft) penis bounces nicely before the X's come into play again. The meditteranean one has a gorgeous lean and toned figure as he stands in profile and you see the side of his perfectly rounded butt. The star of the scene, in terms of size, is O'Brien - not as cute as the other 2, he still has a gorgeous body and he is clearly a BIG, uncut boy - very quickly you can make it out as he shakes himself from side to side before being covered up by the biggest X of all! Although the full nudity in this scene is brief, what makes it so erotic is the fact that all these handsome young lads are happy to parade around fully naked and show off. It's also got curiosity value for me as I remember Kierian when he played a patient on the kids TV drama 'Children's Ward' when i was growing up the late 80s. How he developed! Later on there is another brief changing room scene where Kieran (not naked) 'wedgies' one guy (who has a nice fullish round butt), and another cute blonde guy is seen drying himself with his penis on display and a nice half-moon shape butt. The X's by the way, are not imposed by any censors - they are as much part of the movie as the many other types of superimposed captions & gimmicks used throughout.

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