Kim Yates' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Secret Pleasures 4 Reviews
2002 Model Solution, The 3 Reviews
2001 Scenes of the Crime 1 Review
2001 Hard as Nails 1 Review
1999 Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps 4 Reviews
1999 Nightcap: Discoveries 1 Review
1999 Loveblind 2 Reviews
1998 Intimate Nights 3 Reviews
1998 Dangerous Invitation 7 Reviews
1998 Alien Files, The 2 Reviews
1997 Teach Me Tonight 2 Reviews
1997 Striking Resemblance 2 Reviews
1997 Price of Desire, The 3 Reviews
1996 Maui Heat 3 Reviews
1995 Erotic Confessions: Elevation 0 Reviews

Kim Yates' Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1999 Nightcap 1 Review
1996 Beverly Hills Bordello 2 Reviews
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review

nudity reviews for Kim Yates member submitted

Nightcap (1999)
Chicago was written on August 13, 2002

1 scene in "Discoveries"

At :11-:13.75 in this episode, Kim does a great strip dance for a guy in the bar. She unhooks her bra and tosses it to the guy giving good views of her sweet breasts as well as her ass in a thong. She motions for him to come and sit in the chair and she continues with a lapdance, briefly stopping whne she sees a Peeping Tom outside.

Beverly Hills Bordello (1996)
icebag2 was written on August 10, 2009

Sheer elegance

You know, I did everything in my previous review except describe Kim‘s nudity in this vignette. So here goes. In the first of two scenes, Kim is shot mostly from the back to begin with, sitting on a chair, legs opened wide and toes pointed. Very erotic. There are many shots of her delicious backside, especially when she stands up so the man of the hour can slowly lower her thong panties. A few shots of her lovely breasts, and that’s it. In the second scene, the same guy is sitting on the end of the bed with Kim astride his lap. As he holds her lower back, she keeps leaning backwards as far as she can go. This is Kim’s signature move, something no one else does, and something she does to perfection. The way it emphasizes her breasts is breathtaking. In this variation, she opens her legs wide as she can when she leans backwards. Killer move. You have to see it. Kim is such a beautiful woman, even her back is beautiful. And I’m not kidding. It is! Some reviewers on this site aren’t too impressed by her. Well, that’s what makes horse races. She doesn’t have an overdone figure and her sex scenes aren’t athletic events. She instead has an elegant body and is a graceful performer. Does it for me.

icebag2 was written on February 10, 2008

Janet and the Professor

Once again, Kim shows off her luscious, totally nude body until we want to cry Uncle. She plays a college girl earning her tuition at a high class bordello. She’s got a classy figure, big in the boobs but not too much, a fantastic, muscular backside, and flexibility from your wildest fantasies. Get this episode on the hard to find Things Your Wife Won’t Do video. Kim has done more extensive nudity in her full-length films, but not nearly as sensual as this. She is an acquired taste for some people, but for those of us who are hooked, this episode is first rate.

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

1 scene in “Friends and Lovers”

At :04.5-:05.25 in this episode, Kim’s seen back at the guy’s place after being on a date. On the couch, she slips down the top of her dress revealing her picturesque breasts; he kisses and sucks them until Debra Beatty, his live-in friend, walks in to the room and Kim quickly pulls up her top. Short-lived but nice.

Secret Pleasures (2002)
Cyclone was written on January 28, 2003

Two scenes

Kim doesn't get naked until the 51 minute mark, when she has her first of two sex scenes. It starts with a clear look at her ass, but much of the scene involves her gyrating on top of a guy, completely naked and giving us full frontal exposure. The following morning, we briefly see her walking around naked from a distance before she puts something on. Her other nude scene is 87 minutes in, and we briefly see her butt before she again rides her guy during sex. Overall, Kim's exposure is quite revealing, but while she looks good, she's hardly great.

bballjoe was written on April 5, 2001

2 Scenes

Kim's first scene is with one of her clients. We see her ass as she undresses and then some nice long shots of here natural tits. Most of the focus is on her tits as he goes down on her then he rides him quickly. The scene ends abruptly.
Her second scene is a post wedding scene with the same guy. Some good tit shots but that's it. Her tits aren't the biggest or best shaped, but there is something really sexy about Kim.

icebag3 was written on May 27, 2013

Ride 'em, cowgirl!

Kim gets down to it near the 48 minute mark with her dress rising up to reveal her fantastic butt, then moves on to the whole enchilada when she gets it on with this guy on his couch. Before all this starts, she says, “This isn’t about rebounding is it?” “Oh, heck no. No a bit!” Good grief. Anyway, after giving her pantied body a tender caressing from breasts to toe, Kim winds up on top of him cowgirl style, and this is just a killer. Chest writhing in one direction, her hips the other, and her abdomen squirming in the middle of it all, she is magnificent, gyrating non-stop for over seventy seconds, her magnificent chest in full display for the entire time. The guy is lying underneath her like a piece of furniture, but you’re not watching him anyway, are you? I like to check the nether regions in softcore sex scenes to see if everything is lined up, (usually it isn’t), but if this was performed in hardcore and shot in softcore I wouldn’t doubt it. There’s a morning after nude scene when she finally gets off the couch. At 1:22 Kim is at it again, this time in a honeymoon sequence that is not as hot as the last one, but she’s still beautiful showing off the luscious body of hers.

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

2 scenes

Well, unlike the last reviewer, Yates doesn't do much for real acting ability, little sensual, etc....but she does have something appealing about her. At :39-:40.75, you see her ass in undies and then her breasts as she's undressed. Some good views of her breasts while lying on her back before moving to being seated on top (briefly). The scene jumps to the next morning as she awakens on a loveseat naked and you see her breasts and ass as she gets up to put on a robe. At 1:10-1:11.75, she has sex with a guy in a wedding outfit...several shots of her breasts with pinkish areola.

Model Solution, The (2002)
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Lesbo jacuzzi fun

Billed as Kim Laurel. Has bit of bubbly with another woman. She is a little older, but has a gorgeous face. It is almost wasted on a slightly "mature", but not flabby body and some 36c's glad bags on her chest. She also shows a nice firm ass when she is on top during the sex scene.

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Negotiating a contract

Kim looks really good in this movie, which is pretty necessary since she can't act to save....well, whatever. She gets one sex scene with Kitana in a pool that is tepid on the heat scale (the sex, not the pool). The camera doesn't pay too much attention to her body. I mean you see it all, plus a glimpse between her legs, but Kim fans have seen better.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

This blonde looks better in this movie than any of the others that I have seen her in probably because her hair is a bit longer than usual. She has a lesbian sex scene by the pool at night where she is fully nude. The brunette that she is with shows more explicit nudity than Kim Yates does.

Scenes of the Crime (2001)
icebag3 was written on May 28, 2012

Non-sexual walk-on

This is a non-sexual walk-on role at 30:13. She has less than ten seconds of screen time, fully clothed, with few looks at her face. She has two short lines. For completists only.

Hard as Nails (2001)
icebag3 was written on March 29, 2012

Exotic dancing, mostly

For once, Kim stars in a regular movie instead of an after-hours softcore skinfest. Fortunately, she stays close to her roots. During the opening credits she is on stage with two other girls doing an exotic dance at a strip club she operates, wearing only thongish panties. Great looks at those well-placed boobs and her fantastic butt. About fifteen minutes later, she is dancing topless again in a merry widow and G-string. That's it for about an hour, when we find her in the bathtub with a guy and we get a peek of nip until they start to climb out and we get the full right breast. Three minutes later, while being shot at from all directions by the bad guys, she is shown straight on putting a T-shirt over her head, giving us one last look at her gorgeous chest. Quick shot, a masterpiece of gratuitous nudity. She does no simulated sex in this movie, just good old-fashioned R-rated nudity. Love that Kim.

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)
icebag2 was written on July 4, 2007

Why Not sex and Preacher Therapy sex

Kim has a body you can’t figure out. At times it doesn’t look like much, and at others it knocks you out, and it’s all in the same scene. Because she’s tall and slender, her curves can get de-emphasized. She has a move, though, laying her head and shoulders back when she is on top of a guy that shows off her figure at its finest. This move makes her breasts arch out, defenseless, inviting you to do whatever you want with them. She does this in all her films, and it’s a killer. She has two sex scenes in this film, and it is the second scene where she plays The Move to the hilt. If only your girlfriend did this, too. In her first sex scene, there is a crotch shot from the front, with her legs well apart, that shows her nether folds quite nicely.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

Sex in a bedroom and on a porch

Kim Yates is a thin, attractive blonde actress. She has a nice body, but her breasts look a little odd to me. Still, she has a lot of good exposure in this old-west sex movie. In one scene she's making love to a guy in a bedroom and they change positions several times, allowing you to see her beautiful body from several angles (I love the way she arches her back when the guys thrusting away at her!). In another scene she and a guy get frisky on a front porch, and she ends up getting screwed while sitting on him. Kim isn't the most attractive girl in this movie, but she's still worth watching.

skeptical was written on September 24, 2001

Three scenes of Kim, 2 of actual nudity

*Note - This is the Unrated version of the movie.* I find Kim Yates extremely attractive, and while this movie is reluctant to show very many scenes of her nether regions (for more than a few seconds at a time) or her breasts being touched, it's still pretty great. As is usually the case, the movie itself is not the sharpest crayon in the box. But that's not why you watch it, now is it? /// (0:02:00) Kim walks into the bedroom wearing a revealing night-time outfit. Her husband is unresponsive to her advances. No actual revealed flesh in this scene. She is shown sitting in bed with her husband while her friend gets it on with some dude. /// (0:13:30) Her clothed boob is squeezed by Michelle Bauer. /// (0:41:51) Her first sex scene in the film. She is first shown nude, with a large feather in her hair, riding a guy on the bed. She leans back while riding him in a very attractive manner, and makes pleasured faces. The guy feels between her breasts several times, but seems reluctant to actually touch them. One brief glimpse of her lower blondeness while riding him. She is next shown being taken from behind while kneeling on the bed. Several short glimpses of her area, and a little groping. You can slightly see the pasty in a couple of shots, though. To end the scene, you see her breasts while he does her from on top, on the bed. /// (0:54:30) Kim's second sex scene. Initially, her shirt is opened by her lover, exposing her breasts, which he kisses. Hen then proceeds to orally stimulate her while she makes pleasured faces, and you get a good view of her natural chest, which he fondles for one of the few times in the movie. She then sits on top of him, facing him, while he kisses her body. At one point she leans VERY far back while he is doing this in a very attractive way. She then takes the rest of her clothes off, and he kisses a buttock. Holding her while she is standing up and him sitting down, you get a VERY limited glimpse of her lower frontal region. Next, she undoes his pants and rides him, while he feels and sucks on her breasts a few times.

helmut was written on May 24, 2002

two scenes

The first real scene where she's naked is with a cowboy. You get to see Kim's great body. She's tall with great legs and an awesome butt. You get to see her in multiple positions in the scene invluding on top and from behind. It could have been better if the guy looked like he was more interested in what he was doing. Her other scene where she is naked is when she makes love on the porch to her husband. You get a good appreciation for her body during this scene and the shape she's in.

Nightcap: Discoveries (1999)
Anton_LaVey was written on January 1, 2002

Strip Tease/Lap Dance

Well, now it's time for Yates to have a flashback. Yates does a naughtly little strip-tease in the bar that shows off various body parts (wonderful ass gyrations in the beginning). Yates pops her top, then moves her ass and back onto the males body whom is sitting down in a chair enjoying the show (so are we). The scene ends later on ass Yates discovers some idiot is outside watching. Very nice strip tease-lap dance, but alas, on breasts and ass/thong is shown. Fairly erotic though IMHO.

Loveblind (1999)
icebag3 was written on May 28, 2013

Hard to be nuder than this

Kim hits the ground running as the opening credits are interspersed with shots of her nakedness taking a relaxing bath. The movie goes right into her having a midnight sex fantasy with someone other than Her Intended, in which we get to see all over her body. At the 0:24 mark, she has a long sex scene with HI where she offers her backside to him and it takes him about three years to jump on it, but he does in the end. All of Kim, all the time. At 0:38, she joins Catarina naked on a light table as the two do a photo shoot. Kim is naked from every angle, and entwined with Cat in ways you couldn’t imagine. At 0:47, she starts getting down to it with other than HI, but they both call it quits moments before they join up. Just Kim’s breasts in this scene, but they’re her breasts and that’s all right with me. The very next scene is Kim going right into a "get-him-out-of-my-head" sex bout with HI. Lots more naked Kim. Finally, at 1:04, the money scene: Kim and Catarina get after each other in the pool at midnight, naked as jaybirds and you get it all from both of them. If you put a stop watch on it, she spends more time naked in this movie than she does clothed. A must-have for her fans.

kaalo was written on March 4, 2001

many opportunities

She is naked several times in this movie. She has a lovemaking scene with one male character and one with the female character (Channi played by Catalina Larranaga) and one-half of a sex scene with one of the other male characters. You get to see her goodies several times throughout the flick, but the topper is her scene with Catalina. I'm no fan of lesbian soft core scenes, but this one is a little special. Maybe it's just me, but if you get a chance watch it, I know you'll be pleased.

Intimate Nights (1998)
Cyclone was written on June 29, 2002

Several scenes

Kim gets naked in the opening minutes of the film during the first of her three sex scenes. All three show off her nice breasts, and include varying amounts of her bush and butt. We're also treated to a short full frontal view while she's in the shower, and a brief tit flash after one of the sex scenes. Kim has an attractive face and body, and she's not at all shy when it comes to showing it off. Very nice.

LeroyBrown was written on November 7, 2001

Multiple times

First is very early in the movie she's on her side taking it in the rear from her fiancee good short look at her breasts. Later flashes right breast to fiancee. Later in the movie she follows her fiancee to the bathroom he undresses her. Although she was totally naked, she was shown mostly sideways so no view of her bush they continued into the shower to have sex. A bit later in the movie she was taking a shower, when she heard somebody in the house, she exits the shower and we see her totally naked including her bush. CNDB really need 1/2 stars because I can only give her ***1/2. I can't quite give her 4 stars because the full frontal shots aren't long enough. Miss Yates has terrific body, legs and derriere, I just don't find her face is that great. However I think she should have been given the lead in this movie she's far hotter than Miss Brooks. Also she's credited as Kim Lawey in this movie.

Chicago was written on November 29, 2001

4 scenes

I can't add to Leroy's solid description, except to post times. 1st scene - :05.25 (10 sec.); 2nd - :23.75 (7 sec.); 3rd - :39 (45 sec.); and 4th - 1:02.75 (20 sec.) I'd only contend that Lori Dawn would have made a better lead (with a better director!)...check out I'm Watching You.

Dangerous Invitation (1998)
thewraith was written on May 30, 2001

sex, sex, and more sex.....whatta great flick!!

As the opening credits run, they don't waste time showing gorgeous Kim Yates undressing and having sex with her husband, and at the same time elsewhere Lauren Hays is having sex in her car with her husband as well. When Kim removes her bra in the opening scene, there's an extreme close-up of her lovely nipple popping out already erect (slo-motion is a definite). Kim Yates' ass is incredible, I could go on but I think the others have pretty much summed it up. The movie is just littered with nudity and sex all throughout from start to finish. I rarely give 4 stars to a scene, let alone a movie, but with this one I just couldn't help it, Kim Yates by herself could get 4 stars then you also have Lauren in the mix as well...great lesbian scene. Save time and buy it.

baysharam was written on August 11, 2001

Real boobs and ass to die for

Kim Yates is one of those stars that doesn't get you hard the first time around. Then you realize that she has one of the finest bodies in the business. And a somewhat innocent face to match. Sort of a cheerleader type, but brainier in her acting. Anyway, her body is mezmerizing. In this flick, her original boobies are so lovely and tender, and her ass is as rump-tous as one can imagine. What a performer, too!

Gordon was written on May 17, 2001

Lots of nudity and sex

Kim is naked often in this movie, and such glorious nudity it is! She is hot! My favorite scene is the sex scene with her husband. There is a lot of bumping and grinding, grunting and moaning. This is a great movie, because Kim's costar Lauren Hays is naked repeatedly also.

ndt531 was written on October 22, 1999

Lots of nudity (including full frontal)

Well as I've said, there are lots of nudity in this film from boobies to bush. And I tell you from the beginning of the movie you can already see Kim Yates undressing right before your eyes. And then the next is a good sex scene with her husband on the movie. The next nude scenes follows when a couple arrives at their resthouse right beside the beach and I tell you this other actress is also hot (just forgot her name though). Anyway, the story is good and your money is worth it, I just lost track of the many nude scenes in this movie. Happy viewing...

nakedview was written on September 26, 2000

Sex with husband on couch

A movie definitely worth the "****" grade. Both actresses (Kim Yates & Lauren Hays) are nude throughout and have many sex scenes (Hays has more than Yates in this film). One scene in particular is when Kim Yates and her husband in the movie do the nasty on a couch. Great movement, great moans, great body, great scene. This movie is a must for Yates or Hays fans...HOT, HOT, HOT!

Chicago was written on January 17, 2001

Pulls out the stops

I'm not a big Yates fan, but give credit where it's due! The only thing I can add to the other reviewers is during the opening credits, there's a great close up of her nipple which is awesome! Also, there are great shots of her bush. She doesn't get naked quite as often as Hays, but she ain't at all shy! Great job!

icebag3 was written on July 8, 2012

Ready for anyone

Kim has eleven nude scenes in this formulaic picture. The opening credits are built around super close-ups of her breasts, buns, and crotch as she undresses for a bit of fun with hubby. Shortly after the film begins, there is a sex scene, unrelated to the credits, him on top of her, with her naked body writhing in her dancer's grace. Very pretty. Next she greets the neighbor with her green house dress unbuttoned to the waist--a nip slip on the left side. Later she goes cowgirl on hubby with the green dress sliding off to reveal her luscious figure. Topless volleyball with the neighbor couple? You bet! A little wife swapping that evening? Sure thing, but all Kim gives us is a bit of right breast and a pantied crotch. After the couples have been sorted out and back home, Kim goes to bed in a clingy, see-through tank top. The signature scene of the movie is next, a bit of, well, actually a lot of, lesbian sex in the sauna, with Lauren Hays going down on our blonde heroine. She and hubby have make-up sex after a fight about all this extra-marital sex that's been going on. Kim sits on him reverse cowgirl. Long, nice. A bit of breast in the bathtub as the film lurches toward its thrilling conclusion. Less breast, and pantied buns as they have thank-god-they're -gone sex, she in a sheer baby doll with a few breast shots as she opens up the front. Lots of Kim in the movie, but it's not as hot as other movies she's made. If you like Kim, though, this is definitely a movie you need to have.

Alien Files, The (1998)
sfjack was written on January 3, 2000

sex in the rainforest

Kim Yates plays the Eve that is searching for her Adam in this movie. She is a very attractive platinum blonde. She and her Adam make love in a large almost jungle like setting that is lit from above with a stream of water falling on them from above.

Chicago was written on February 19, 2001

1 scene

At 1:28.25, Kim emerges from the shadows to have sex in an underground garden with her alien male counterpart. The nudity gets 4* since the scene shows prolonged views of her smallish/nice breasts, as well as her ass and bush (1:31); however, it is not very erotic as Kim’s performance is, as usual, weak and there’s pink slime on both of them through most of it. Further, while her body is okay, she does nothing for me in this or any other movie I’ve seen her in.

Teach Me Tonight (1997)
Groggy was written on July 20, 2000

Lesbian scene

Beautiful lesbain scene with Judy Thompson as you see full frontal with both of them. Kim Yates is one of my favorite actresses currently because of this type of scene in several movies, and she has the body to do it.

Antman was written on November 26, 1999

Three scenes

(16 minutes) She is totally nude having sex on a couch with a guy. This scene is intercut with scenes of Judy Thompson and her boyfriend having sex in the bedroom. (29 minutes) Topless wearing a red thong, then fully nude when she and a guy have a long softcore sex scene in the bedroom. (40 minutes) Fully nude again in a nice girl-girl sex scene with Judy Thompson.

Striking Resemblance (1997)
Chicago was written on November 4, 2001

3 scenes

dogbreath's description is right. Her standard strip dance scenes are at :27.75-:28.75 and 1:01.5-1:04...nothing great...breasts and ass in thong. At 1:12.5-1:16, she has her private dance, giving close-ups of her breasts, the side of her ass as her panties come off, and then her pubes as the camer pans down her body close-up.

dogbreath was written on February 22, 2000

3 dances

Unrated version. She plays a stripper in this flick. 2 brief topless dances on stage are OK, but the third, a private dance for a dude at her apartment is hot. First she slowly gets topless, and dances seductively. Eventually she does some lap dance moves on the guy, and finally gets fully nude for a brief period during her dance. What's really great about this scene (there's no real simulated sex), is that you are treated to great full frontal and rear views of Kim's incredible body as she dances for more than the typical nanosecond we're all used to. A real treat, and the editing is not half bad.

Price of Desire, The (1997)
icebag3 was written on February 25, 2012

Modeling and getting it on

Kim has four nude scenes in this movie. The first comes when she is found sitting on the floor cross-legged in a meditation pose, wearing only a tiny white thong. She stands up, walks around, and we get good looks at the boobs and buns. Second, she is helped out of a dress wearing only, guess what, a tiny white thong underneath. Good boobs and buns. Later she gets it on with a guy in a dressing room, riding him on top facing him, and then being taken from behind, lying slightly on her side. Boobs, buns, no crotch. Pretty low-key stuff, not a great sex scene by Kim’s standards. Finally, near the end of the movie, she is shown modeling a bra and panty set, the panties of which are (do I have to say it?) a tiny thong. Lots of bun, no boobs. This scene shows, though, why there are those of us who like Kim so much. She doesn’t have bazooms, but what she does have is good enough and they sit really high on her torso. That’s pretty hot, IMO, and because they are covered up, we can finally notice that.

dogbreath was written on December 7, 2000

one scene I recall

To add a little more detail to the previous reviewer's comments (ahem), in one scene kim undresses in the lingerie shop and gets busy with a dude. She's fully nude, on top and on the bottom. The camera is decent but the great parts of the scene are too short--you get a nice close-up full frontal shop of Kim on top, leanin' back and grindin. The camera pans around so you can see it from different angles. Kim is yummy in this scene.

fargalaxy was written on August 14, 2000

Nude also

nude nude nude

Maui Heat (1996)
porno_junkie was written on June 29, 2008

Actual sex

Being a big fan of Kim I thought I should mention this. On the beach scene with Kim and Kira, in the movie you see very little of Kim. But you see the scene from a different view in the Kim Yates interview on the DVD. The camera is right behind her. It's obvious that the actor is wearing a condom and is actually inside her. Shot from a distance though. Check it out if you don't believe me.

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

4 scenes

Kim, who has little to no acting ability, is naked first at :17.5-:18 as she disrobes to being completely naked to join a guy in the hot tub. You get good views of her breasts as she first disrobes, plus a few others while in the water (another peak at :19), as well as her ass as she first disrobes. To prove she's open to disrobing for both genders, she does the same for Kim Rowe during daylight hours at :48-5-:48.75...breasts again and a side ass shot as she dives in. At :50.75-:51.75, she and Kim Rowe are naked sunning by the pool; the focus is mostly on Yates, and the view is primarily of her breasts. At :54.5, Yates and Kira Reed have a f/f/m sex scene on the beach at night...breasts only from a medium distance and not that hot unfortunately.

icebag3 was written on March 28, 2012

Bikini photo shoots and after-hours sex

Generous looks at Kim's lovely backside are all over the place from the very start during photo shoots in thong bikinis. It takes a while until she goes topless, but when she does it's the Kim we know and love, those wonderful breasts sitting way up high for our viewing pleasure. There is a shot of her from behind stepping into a pool that shows her Botticelli-like frame that is by far, of all the female flesh in this movie, a demonstration of the reason why we love naked women. She has two sex scenes, which are not up to her usual displays, but we'll blame that on the director, not Kim. In her second sex scene she is seated on a couch and opens her legs at the approach of the lucky guy to give us several not-so-short glimpses of her goodies (well, goody, actually). Kim plays a character who likes guys, likes gals (hints, but no follow-through), and heck, even scans her own body with her video camera like she's making love to herself. Good movie for Kim fans.

Erotic Confessions: Elevation (1995)

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