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2000 Private Lies 2 Reviews

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Private Lies (2000)
Russmicjack was written on December 8, 2001

Shower Scene

Ozzie is right about this being Koury's best scene. I have never seen a nicer bush than that one. It's to die for. I also noticed at the very end of this scene that you can see his cock very faintly. The lighting is very poor, and his AWESOME jet black bush doesn't help either, but you can see that his cock is very long, as it dangles. I kept playing it back on my VCR and noticed it. Yummy!!!

Ozzie700 was written on August 18, 2001

Husband: Ass and Pubes

The trim, dark-haired Koury is the husband in this film. His first scene seems a sad harbinger - all side as he plows into Elizabeth Pires from behind. Then, starting at :21.75, he screws his secretary, with his round, firm, small buns seen as he's on top of her. The best scene is about 39 minutes in, when he enters the shower to surprise his wife. A nice glimpse at his cheeks if you pause, and a flash of pubes during the sex. His penis was either small enough to be hidden in his short hairs, or he wore a pouch.

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