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2011 Cabin in the Woods, The 2 Reviews

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2013 House of Cards 2 Reviews

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House of Cards (2013)
mcjw2011 was written on February 5, 2013

1.1, getting dressed

She wakes up in bed and starts getting dressed. You get a brief view of her small but perky rack as she pulls on a dress shirt.

slimlayzie was written on June 23, 2013

Very Brief, but Very Welcome...

Not to far into the Pilot episode of NetFlix's fantastic Kevin Spacey driven political drama we see her getting out of bed and throwing on a white top. We get a brief glimpse of perky breasts and lovely nipples, but then it's gone. Honestly it's a 1 star case of nudity, but her breasts are so nice I bumped her up a star.

Cabin in the Woods, The (2011)
Ghostwords was written on April 14, 2012

Numerous teases

Although there's no nudity as such from Ms Connolly, she follows the credits dancing around in a tight top and panties, which is nice to watch. Later, she's shown undressing (we only see cleavage and part of her bra as she unbuttons her shirt), then jumps into a lake wearing a skimpy swimsuit.

slimlayzie was written on June 23, 2013

Very cute and sexy.

She teases, but doesn't really "please" in Cabin in the Woods, Joss Wheddon's homage to cheesy horrors comedies, gore and "B" movie greatness. She's shown in her panties and her bra in two different scenes, one of which will make you hate one of the characters for being "noble", but there is still plenty to like about her and this movie.

And for those aching to get a peek at her breasts, check out the Pilot of NetFlix's "House of Cards",

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