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1985 Tomboy 5 Reviews
1985 Mugsy's Girls 1 Review
1984 Hardbodies 2 Reviews
1983 Carnival of Love 1 Review

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Tomboy (1985)
pwoodson was written on August 11, 2010

Only full frontal in fullscreen

For what it's worth, I should point out that Kristi's full-frontal version of the shower scene only appears in the fullscreen (VHS or TV) version-- there is a "widescreen" version of TOMBOY out there (DVD?) which just mattes out the top & bottom of the image, and we lose Ms. Somers' glorious lower half.

There are also tighter shots on Ms. Somers which show just her head & shoulders in the widescreen, but reveal her breasts in the fullscreen. Since I had originally seen the full nudity, this "cropped" version took me by surprise, as the fullscreen edition had about 50% more nudity. Unfortunately, this cropping/matting is now commonplace... so be selective when checking out films from the 70s-90s! Some of them are BETTER in fullscreen. (There are fullscreen versions of this movie floating around out there.)

Gordon was written on November 9, 2001

Shower scene and stripping at party

I must agree with the other reviewers in saying Kristi has the best nudity in this movie. Early on she's totally naked in the shower, her great breasts and the rest of her beautiful body all wet and sudsy. In a later scene she strips down to nothing but her panties. Great exposure from this beautiful chick.

Cyclone was written on October 5, 2001

Two scenes

Kristi gets topless twice in this movie. She strips down to her panties during a party in the second half of the movie, but her best nudity comes when she's in the shower early on in the film, and we get several looks at her nice breasts.

derek22 was written on September 5, 2012

Appears fully nude (though not quite frontal) in funny shower scene.

Kristi is showering while talking to a fully-clothed Betsy Russell. (That alone makes it unusual.) Kristi shares a rumor with Betsy about the endowment, or possible shortcoming in that department, of a male friend.

What the girls don't know is that the friend, played by Cory Hawkins, is showering in an adjacent shower room and has heard their conversation through the wall. Wrapped in a towel, he steps out of his shower and into Kristi's while she isn't looking.

Kristi asks Betsy for a towel. Cory hands her his. Only after using it for a moment does she notice him--and although we don't see Cory's full monty (we get only a rear view), her reaction implies that she was totally wrong about his size.

She is awed by what she sees, and stammers out a proposition. He has a surprise reason for rejecting her, and when he leaves, she expresses her chagrin.

In addition to being great eye-candy, this scene is very funny. You can find it on DailyMotion under the title "betsy russell and kristi somers".

DBW was written on January 24, 1999

shower scene, strip at party

Somers, who plays Betsy Russell's happy-go-lucky friend of questionablemorals, is buck naked in a shower scene (partly covered with lather), andlater strips down to her panties at a party.

Mugsy's Girls (1985)
GailFan was written on September 29, 2001

Brief Nudity

Blonde Kristi briefly provides the only nudity in this film in three scenes. First, near the beginning, during the mud wrestling match in the garden, she has the top of her swimsuit pulled away. There are only brief flashes of her breasts. Later, on the bus, Kristi is seen topless taking a bath. This is a longer scene, and provides better exposure. She even presses her bare backside against the window. Finally, after the bus crashes, Kristi helps them flag a lift by flashing a passer-by. She stands by the roadside, topless, carrying a sign that says "bust" (two other clothed girls before her carry "Las Vegas" and "Or"). Unfortunately, this scene is shot from the driver's perspective, so you really only see Kristi's breasts flash by in long shot, spoiling what is otherwise a neat idea.

Hardbodies (1984)
Cyclone was written on December 3, 2002

On the beach

Kristi shows the most of any of the women in this movie. About 53 minutes in, we clearly see her butt while she's on the beach. She then turns around, and we get a clear look at her boobs, as well as her bush. Then, a couple of minutes later, we briefly see her boobs from the side while she's kneeling. She's a bit too thin, but overall, she looks really good.

Antman was written on September 25, 1999

Nude on the beach

A nice scene of her dancing on the beach while Ashley plays the guitar and sings the ballad I Don't F... Fossils For Free.

Carnival of Love (1983)
12-string was written on March 27, 2001

extended scene

This is the longest nude scene for Somers, and a long one in anybody's book. Intercut with a couple of other makeout numbers it goes on for several minutes and occurs near the end of the picture. In the somewhat sinister funhouse Kristi and her date undress each other standing up, then adjourn to the floor for a very long makeout session. She's full nude but only fleeting glimpses of beaver when her left thigh is not poised quite high enough to conceal it. It's fairly sexy softcore, with a bit of nipple sucking (hard to see) and both simulate oral sex on each other before doing the standard hump and groan. If you want to see the body of tall blonde Somers, without a lot of distractions, this *is* the place. The only significant problem is that the producers seem to have rented the fog machine Roger Corman used in all those Poe films of the 60s, so there's an occasional mist in the way. But the scene is so long that you still get a pretty good look at nearly everything.

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