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2003 Bikini Airways 1 Review
1800 Wages of Lust 1 Review

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Bikini Airways (2003)
soulman was written on October 25, 2003


Biscayne is one of the model/flight attendants (the hot brunette). Her scenes include a lesbo 3some and an several sessions on the plane. So FF through the plot and crap and get to the nudity because there's plenty of it.

Wages of Lust (1800)
OneMoreReviewer was written on June 21, 2003

Good, but not enough

Kylie has a beautiful face, and speaks with a french accent. A very nice body and firm natural breasts. She gets naked on five occasions. First she gets dressed up in a sexy outfit to have sex with a guy as a prostitute. The best sex scene in the movie, she gets completely naked, lots of different positions. Then she does it again with a different guy. This time it's darker and a little shorter. Afterwards there's a shot of her (waist up) taking a shower. Next for her is a lesbian scene with Tania where she removes only her top. Her last scene takes place in a swimming pool and provides only fleeting glimpses of nudity under water as she has sex with a guy. Altogether a very disappointing amount of nudity for one of these movies.

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