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L.A. Goddess' Sexy Actors

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Kathy Shower
Gordon was written on June 28, 2000

Getting it in the jacuzzi

Kathy and a guy are getting it on in the jacuzzi, and you can see much of her nice body. Her breasts are pretty nice, especially given that this movie is later in her career.

Antman was written on October 22, 1999

Several scenes

During the opening credits, she has a brief full frontal scene. Later in the movie she takes off a robe and gets into a bath tub exposing her buns and breasts. We can also she her breasts while she's in the tub but they are partially covered with soap bubbles. A little over 50 minutes into the movie, she and the rich guy have sex in a pool and then in bed. She is totally nude in for the scenes in the pool, but all we can see are her breasts whe she is in bed.

zzxx was written on July 2, 2001


Crazy describes Kathy Shower's nipples correctly. The "rich guy" (David Havener) DOES get to suck on those magnificient nipples. Havener and Shower are having a romantic moment in a park. As they are lying on the grass, Havener rolls Kathy onto her back, pulls down her sweater on sucks her tits and ERECT nipples. Kathy's nipples are unbelievably erect and Havener gets quite a suck.

crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow! very nice nips!

Well Shower does a full frontal getting out of the 'shower' which goes along quite well. Her body is pretty good here at age 40 but no longer the thin sexy 20 year old she used to be. There are some other breast shots of her in this movie like in the tub at the rich guy's house an so forth. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Why do you think they chose her for centerfold anyhow. Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck! Some people have commented about her nipples always being erect because they stand at least an inch or so high all the time and look real hard. True - but I think that's just the way she was made and she got lucky to have long dangling nips to make all the concave nippled women jealous. I'd like to see what they look like when they are really erect! 1 1/2 inch? it must be amazing!

Wendy MacDonald
Antman was written on October 22, 1999

Topless havin sex

She has a topless scene when she a guy have sex in her trailer. She in leaned over getting it from behind about 8 minutes into the movie.

Tally Chanel
Antman was written on October 22, 1999

Topless or nude a few times

Early in the movie, she is topless while geting dressed in the bathroom. A little later, there is a scene that shows her breasts and butt when she ges out of the shower. Near the end of the movie, she is in bed having sex with Jeff Conaway (he played Bobby on Taxi). During this scene she is on top of him; when she leans over we a treated to a great behind shot of her ass. Also a couple of glimpses of her breasts when she rolls off of him to answer the phone.

Rick Groat
cecil was written on September 2, 2001

partial rear in sex scene

Sex scene with Wendy MacDonald. His underwear is pulled down about half way exposing the top half of his rear. We get a side view.

Ozzie700 was written on October 12, 2002


This is fairly early in the movie, as he does the drunken star in her trailer. He isn't unattractive, but the nudity is minimal and not worth watching. Skip this movie.

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