L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach's Sexy Actresses

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Westcott, Carrie 4 Reviews
Strain, Julie 5 Reviews
Smith, Julie K. 1 Review
Marks, Shae 6 Reviews
Liu, Carolyn 1 Review
Cadell, Ava 1 Review

L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Letelier, Cristian 1 Review

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Carrie Westcott
puckhead was written on September 20, 2000

topless tango (and others)

your classic T&A movie, every excuse to go topless is used. especialy enjoyed the topless swimming (we knew the girls wouldn't sink!). "We should wait for help to dig for treasure - let's go swimming!" Carrie is a hot blonde with very large fake bobs (like all of the other actesses), and unleashes them often. Just T&A, but a TON of it.

Gordon was written on May 18, 2001

Revealing her hot bod throughout

Carrie shows off her awesome body throughout this film, including her large, buxom breasts that are just enough to make you go off looking at them. She's naked swimming, undressing, and I think she has at least one sex scene. Carrie is just awesome, and so are the other ladies in this movie.

cecil was written on February 27, 2004

dressing, dancing

At about 16 minutes she comes out of the bathroom topless showing off her breasts and almost bare bottom for about 15 seconds before she finally dresses. At about 33 minutes she's in a room with Rodrigo Obregon, shows off her almost bare bottom, then takes off her top for a close-up of her breasts. More breasts as they dance for a minute. Then at about 52 minutes she's standing in front of Rodrigo, her lowers her top, a close up of her breasts, and the scene ends.

TheEmissary was written on December 25, 2001

Nice Rack!

During the scene at the hotel, when she leaves the shower wearing only a leopard-print thong, her beautiful rack shows, which is quite tittilating. How does she fit into the red top she puts on? Carrie does not need a bra, but her enhanced cleavage is the BOMB!!!

Julie Strain
b00bfan was written on May 2, 2006

Hot sex in the pool

Julie and a guy are in a pool and then the guy takes off her bathing suit to reveal her very big melons. He stands in the water and starts to drill into her by holding onto her waist as her naked body just floats in the water. Then she stands and they kiss while the guy plays with her breasts for a while. Then he lifts her above the water surface to show off her great butt as he sucks on her boobs. I love her boobs alot and that guy is lucky to have gotten to have his way with them.

Gordon was written on December 17, 1999

Sex in the pool (and pretty much every other scene she's in)

Julie and a guy make out in a pool, and you get to see Julie's great body (especially those large, luscious breasts)as he feels her up and goes at her. She's naked plenty of other times in this film also, as well as just about every other woman in the film.

cecil was written on February 27, 2004

pool scene

It's about 57 minutes into the movie before she fully bares her breasts. We first see a close up of breasts as she carresses them. Then we see her topless in a pool, with a clear view of her breasts. Marcus Bagwell stands beside her and occasionally kisses her shoulder and carresses around her breasts. Then we see them in the center of the pool, she has her legs around his waist. She is leaning back and her breasts bob above the water. She appears to be totally nude, but through the water it's hard to tell any detail about lower frontal nudity. She then straightens up and he lifts her up, allowing us to briefly see her bare rear above the water.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001

Her Scenes

The scenes were good, but not as hot as her scenes in either Enemy Gold or Sorceress. Not enough time put into her scenes.

AC was written on January 19, 1999

the movie

This movie is the greatest soft-porn ever, it has ex-playmates and ex-penthouse pets, showing why they received their honors. Absolutely breathtaking. A must see.

Julie K. Smith
cecil was written on February 27, 2004

topless in five scenes

At about 9 minutes she's standing next to Paul Logan and takes off her clothes, showing a side view of her bare breasts and the top half of her rear. At 30 minutes we see an extended segment of her topless dancing in a strip club. Well lit and close-ups of her. At about 35 minutes she is standing while she and Paul Logan make out, more views of her bare breasts before the phone interrupts. At about 65 minutes she and Shae Marks decide to go swimming in the ocean. While underwater they lose their tops. Lots of underwater close-ups of bare breasts. At about 77 minutes she has a fantasy scene with Paul Logan on the stage of the strip club. She rips open his shirt, then removes her top, and they dance around a bit.

Shae Marks
cecil was written on February 28, 2004

dressing; sex scene; swimming

At about 5 minutes into the movie she gets out of bed nude and we see a side view of her breasts and rear. The camera is across the room and the scene is short. Then at 10 minutes we see her putting on a wetsuit and her breasts hang out for a bit before she zips it up. At about 48 minutes she has a sex scene with Cristian Letelier, the only real sex scene in the movie. Quite a showing of her breasts during this. Then at 65 minutes she and Julie K. Smith go swimming in the ocean, lose their tops, and lots of underwater views of their breasts.

b00bfan was written on May 1, 2006


Shae has an awesome sex scene with a guy in this flick. She stands naked with her very very large breasts showing off as a guy gets her from behind. She gives them a nice squeeze while he drills into her from behind. She backs it up real nice for him as he thrusts into her slowly. Then she is on her back yelling as her ample boobs lean toward her face as she arches back, i love it when boobs do that since it makes em look bigger. She has great boobs.

Gordon was written on December 16, 1999

Sex scene

Shae is completetely naked as a guy touches, carresses, and fondles her whole body. She has a nice body and her breasts are just HUGE!!! The nudity is great, but the sex is only so-so.

janik80 was written on December 7, 2007

underwater scene with Shae Marks and Carrie westcot

that was most nude I ever seen

lloydfan was written on November 15, 1998

Most of the movie

She's topless in almost every scene, as is the case with most Sidaris flicks. Her enormous breasts are on display along with her butt in one love making scene and a nude swimming scene with Julie K. Smith.

Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Changing into or out of a wetsuit

Shae is changing into or out of (I can't recall, I was paying attention to other things!) a wetsuit, and you get a good look at her large, attractive breasts, not to mention that the wetsuit hugs her curvy body oh-so-tightly.

Carolyn Liu
puckhead was written on September 20, 2000

Carolyn does not apear nude in this film

though the rest of the gals more than make up for it. kind of too bad, Carolyn's the cutest of the bunch, and the only one who looks to have real boobs.

Ava Cadell
puckhead was written on September 20, 2000

ava does not apear nude in this film

she's in a bikini fo the whole thing. everyone else (except Carolyn Liu) show a TON of silicone.

Cristian Letelier
cecil was written on February 28, 2004

sex scene

He puts on quite a show of his abs throughout this movie, as does Paul Logan, but the only real male nudity is during a sex scene with Shae Marks at about 48 minutes. Most of the scene features her breasts, but at one point we get a decent, though brief, look at Cristian's rear.

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