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2008 Newcastle 2 Reviews

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Newcastle (2008)
PopJ was written on August 10, 2011

Sulf Boys Nice, Butt No Bubbles

While Lachlan is put together nice and has the face of a boy angel, he doesn't have a Bubble butt, nice butt, its rather trim, tight and pale,very nice but not even a hint of bubble shaped.
Now Xavier Samuel has a more fleshy, rounder rump, little more bubble shape here.

GDH was written on July 9, 2011

Bum, fleeting frontal

Buchanan has the typical blond surfer looks of the rest of the cast - and a bubble butt that deserves to be seen a lot more. We get a fairly poor side view of it during a sex scene, then a far better, moonlit view as Buchanan stands naked in front of a car, starts beating up another chap, then walks away from the camera. Later in the film, he runs naked into the sea (showing backside), swims underwater (backside), jogs up the beach (pubes), then runs around town naked (backside and an extremely quick frontal). As with Xavier Samuel, which whom he shares the scene, Buchanan's frontal is so quick and blurry it's not worth buying the DVD for, but his bum definitely is!

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