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2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 4 Reviews

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Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on September 25, 2011

Bed and backstage; ep: Dirty Laundry

Laila pulls off her panties, giving a view of her toned buttocks, before she gets into bed with her boyfriend. This leads to a shot of her bare back, side boob, as she rides him. Much later in the episode they have sex backstage at a comedy club and there are more shots of her buns and lower back tattoo. She does take off her bra after a while, but for some reason they obscure most of the view.

McKinnon was written on September 25, 2011


At the end of "Dirty Laundry," she is briefly shown on her back, robe open, masturbating.

In "Nymph", she's on the roof with her boyfriend. Some looks at her breasts as they have sex.

McKinnon was written on September 25, 2011

Love on a rooftop; ep: Lust at Bus Depot

After Laila accepts her boyfriend's proposal, they have sex on the rooftop. A number of shots of her breasts as she's riding him.

McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Breasts; thong; ep: Screaming Big O

There are some darkly lit breast views as she's in bed, a man on top of her. When her fiance catches them, her breasts are briefly partially exposed, along with her ass in a thong.

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