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1988 Howling IV: The Original Nightmare 1 Review
1985 Hell Hole 1 Review

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Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988)
cecil was written on June 1, 2003

sex scene

About an hour into the movie she has a sex scene with Michael T. Weiss. At the start of the scene he hikes up her dress and we see a close side view of most of her rear. Then the camera view is from the side, but we see both breasts as she sits atop him. One brief close up, the rest of the scene allows about a 10 second view. The picture is framed so her breasts barely show on the left edge of the screen and sometimes move out of sight. If a widescreen version exists, we might see more. At the end of the scene is a close up shot with her face and breasts, but lasts only about a second.

Hell Hole (1985)
Immy was written on March 29, 2005

Topless and nude

Lamya has two great scenes. She's first seen topless (1:08) in a closet with another asylum patient taking turns sniffing glue (she's the girl on the right). After they get caught, Mary Woronov brings her to her private jacuzzi room (1:12) where Lamya strips down to her birthday suit and wades in. An awesome nude scene showcasing Lamya's perky boobs, full bushy muff and stark tanlines.

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