Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Lane Anderson's Sexy Filmography

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2004 Carnal Confessions 1 Review

Lane Anderson's Sexy TV Shows

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2002 Best Sex Ever, The 2 Reviews

Lane Anderson's Biography

Born about 1972.

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
coresoft was written on August 2, 2005

Scene with Chloe - Episode: "Bad Boys"

Ozzie is right; Anderson doesn't have the cutest face but he has a terrific body; muscular but soft, with even a sprinkling of hair between his pecs, around his nipples, and around his navel...pity about those caterpillar eyebrows and chicken legs, though. But anyway he looks adorable in his tank top and gym shorts, playing the bookish neighbor, and he can act--what a plus! There's also something dangling between Chloe's legs as he does her from behind, although as many times as she's opened her legs, it could be her swollen lips.

Ozzie700 was written on May 10, 2002

Dorm Room Thrusting; Episode: Homework

Lane has a piggish face, but a trim body and a smooth, firm pair of cheeks which we see from an upper/side view in an early scene. He's having sex with his unsatisfied girlfriend. 5 or so minutes later, they give it another go, with a similiar peek at his buttocks. When she's giving him head near the end of the episode, you can tell he's wearing a cloth over his genitals. He's cute, but the sex is unerotic when it's supposed to be and when it isn't supposed to be.

Carnal Confessions (2004)
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005

Metrosexual gone bad

The very tweezed and moisturized Lane is what they might call a metrosexual, although the vibe I get from him in this movie is a lot closer to "closet case". He plays Wendy's disturbed assistant, and we see him naked twice. Once when he fantasizes about her as a leather dominatrix, and another when Star E. Knight pounces on him in his living room for some writhing. The second scene has more skin from him, and we see that he has a nicely developed yet understated body that is filled out in all the right places, especially his cute ass. Unfortunately there is no full rear shot.

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