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2007 Dirt 1 Review

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Dirt (2007)
BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Partial buns

Beginning about 20:35 in the episode "Come Together," Laura Allen (The 4400) wakes up and recalls slivers of a threeway with super-scrawny Carly Pope and tattooed musician Sully Erna. There are several partial views of Laura's butt. It's typical US basic cable nudity, shot to suggest more than it actually shows. Really only worth half a star, but listed because Laura Allen looks hot even in brief flashes. She's got a great body, Allen's blonde-goddess curves make quite a contrast with brunette and breastless Carly Pope, who wears a thong throughout, and tatted and scraggely Sully Erna, who shows more. The set-up a bit earlier is also good, as Sully worms his way into the menage by singing Laura's character a song supposedly from her hit movie.

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