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Laura Antonelli's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1995 Malicious 4 Reviews
1993 Innocent, The 2 Reviews
1991 High Heels 1 Review
1986 Collector's Item 1 Review
1981 Passione d'amore 1 Review
1980 Mi faccio la barca 1 Review
1977 Wifemistress 1 Review
1975 Divine Nymph, The 2 Reviews
1974 Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso! 2 Reviews
1973 How Funny Can Sex Be? 1 Review
1971 Secret Fantasy 1 Review
1969 Venus In Furs 1 Review
1969 Malizie di Venere, Le 1 Review
1969 Collector's Item 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Laura Antonelli member submitted

Malicious (1995)
Cyclone was written on December 5, 1999

Gets nude, but it's far too dark to see much

Laura doesn't get naked very often in this movie, and when she does, the lighting was often very poor. We see several shots of her breasts and I believe a little bush as well, but the darkness of most of these scenes (especially at the end) make this film more frustrating than titillating.

LaughMan was written on June 19, 1999


Laura Antonelli and Molly Ringwald appear in two different movies, both named Malicious.

Condor was written on May 2, 1999

T&A by lovely Ms. Antonelli

Un this teenage erotic dream a youngster stalks his fathers nanny played by lucious Ms. Antonelliu see almost nothing through out the film even though there is an intense erotic smell in the air of the film since the startthere r 2 nude scence of Ms. Antonelli1. when the boys spy on her andshe takes of her bra wthan she starts to take of the penties we see the higher part of the bush before the scene is ended2. at the end u got what u r waiting 4 all the movie the boy malecous Ms. Antonelli and she finally agreess to his requsats and starts to undress in the lightening of a lightening then she runs comletly naked all around the housegreat scene of lucious Ms. Antonelli

voyeur was written on February 6, 2002

Running around naked under strobe lighting

Although the fabulous Ms. Anotnelli is running from room to room stark naked, the scene is shot with a strobe light, so there are only occasional flashes visible, with barely (ho! ho!) time to focus. This was her first international success. For a long, clear view of her without interruptions, try the hard-to-find Divine Nymph or Till Marriage do Us Part.

Innocent, The (1993)
Striker was written on June 23, 2001

At least 2 good scenes

There are at least 2 scenes (maybe more) in this European movie wher Laura shows all there is to show. In one scene she is lying on the bed totally naked and the guy is rubbing her up and down. The othe scene also features her naked on a bed.

BushLeague was written on February 21, 2002

Two scenes in bed

Her husband(?) undresses her and makes love to her in two rather lengthy scenes(she may be the most gorgeous women ever while lying on her back!). In the version I saw, I did not see butt shots--so only three stars.

High Heels (1991)
BushLeague was written on February 22, 2002

Lying on bed and in doctor's office

She is lying nude on the bed and you can see her firmer rounder tits and bush. She gets up from the bed and walks away and we can see her full length, including her firm looking, but slightly wrinkled ass. She is totally nude on a doctor's examination table, sitting up with her hands covering her tits (no bush can be seen). She occasionally moves her arms so that you can see those fabulous tits. Her long gorgeous legs and torso are well lit and entirely visible during the several minute long scene.

Collector's Item (1986)
Immy was written on April 21, 2007

Muff and right breast (0:20)

Even at 45 Ms Antonelli still has it. She meets former flame Tony Musante and they rekindle old passions. There's lots of fondling thru clothes by Tony (on a well-lit dining room table, no less) until they're finally in bed, when we see a close pan up her nude body. Bush is visible as well as her right boob but the scene is pretty dark. Later on she has a masturbation scene where she sticks one hand into her panties to tease Tony, who's tied to the bed, but no pubes are visible.

Passione d'amore (1981)
Immy was written on August 13, 2005

Right breast profile (0:05)

Laura is luminous as she unties her blouse by a fire preparing for a romantic interlude with Bernard Giraudeau (her right boob is mostly in view). But her stunning beauty is merely used as a contrast against Valeria D'Obici's intense ugliness (no kidding, she looks like a female gargoyle and gets the majority of screen time).

Mi faccio la barca (1980)
tickledick was written on August 13, 2005

Glimpse of breasts

At about 45 minutes, she is topless, but prone, sunbathing on a yacht. Noticing another yacht is dangerously close, she lifts her upper torso, affording a head-on view of her breasts. Only the right orb is seen in its entirety, and this for only a frame or two.

Wifemistress (1977)
Immy was written on May 15, 2006

Brief left nipple (1:22)

Laura's lovely body is mostly hidden to enhance the eroticism of this comedy/drama set at the turn of the century. A left nip does briefly peek out over the covers while she's in bed with a guy and his wife but that's about it. A few sexy scenes show her in a lacy, semi-see thru nightgown but you can't clearly see the goods. There's also a close call while she's in bed with Gastone Moschin when about 98% of her right boob comes into view but no nip is seen.

Divine Nymph, The (1975)
BushLeague was written on February 22, 2002

Lying nude on a couch

She lies on her left side totally nude for a few minutes. She barely moves and the camera appears to be "locked down" and takes in her entire length. You can make out everything, but just barely, as the scene is kind of dark. A long lovely voluptuous women.

voyeur was written on October 27, 2000

Lying full-length, totally nude on a couch for 3 minutes, facing the camera

Laura Antonelli is a very beautiful actress with a fabulous body: full, firm breasts
and a luxuriant bush. She displays all while lying on a couch, smoking a cigarette,
a contented smile on her lips while her lover talks to her and teases her. There is
no hurry, and the camera doesn't do any distracting pans or close-ups, just lets
you enjoy the sight for several minutes, probably longer than Debrah Kara Unger's
scene in Crash.

Absolute bliss, and you don't even need slow motion.This is whyAl Gore invented
the video recorder.

Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso! (1974)
Cyclone was written on December 5, 1999

Undressed a few times

Laura shows us quite a bit in this movie, including some looks at her breasts and her bush, but I was still a little disappointed. At her best, she can be absolutely stunning, but this movie really doesn't do her justice. Don't get me wrong, she does look good, but she can look MUCH better.

voyeur was written on March 1, 2002

A drive in the country

Her chauffeur, who suspects she wants to be seduced, takes her for a drive and fakes a breakdown. He suggests they go to a conveniently located hut to stay out of the sun, and she pretends to swoon on to the straw because of the heat. Naturally he wants to help and he removes about ten layers of clothing, leaving only a chemise (and her hat, long gloves, and stockings. Then comes the treat. He takes out a knife, slits the chemise and pulls it apart. Ms. Antonelli's wonderful breasts spill out, her magnificent bush is revealed in all its glory, and all the while she pretends to be unconscious. The feast lasts about ten seconds. Que bella donna!

How Funny Can Sex Be? (1973)
Immy was written on January 15, 2011

Breasts and butt

A tour-de-force for Laura as she plays several roles with Giancarlo Giannini in this multi-part Italian sex comedy. First as a rich woman with GG as her butler who secretly desires her. He sneaks some peeks as she changes her swimsuit in a poolside cabana (0:02, brief topless) then again topless in a bubble bath (0:04). In "The Honeymoon" she disrobes and climbs into bed with GG (0:27, topless, kinda of dark) then they eventually decide to try out sex in an elevator (0:36, brief breasts in unbuttoned lingerie then blurry boobs thru the elevator glass). In another short story, GG is a spem donor who can't produce unless he fantasizes about nurse/nun Laura (1:09, nice bouncy breasts (in slo-mo!) under her sheer outfit then brief butt and boobs when the outfit flies up, notice the white furry covering over her pubes). Finally is "The Houseguest" where GG is unmercifully teased by Laura one evening at dinner. He sees her change clothes (1:25, topless, a little distorted) then she wears a hot slinky dress the rest of the segment. Laura at her sexy best!

Secret Fantasy (1971)
12-string was written on March 30, 2001

date is wrong but Antonelli is just right

Despite CNDB listing this film actually dates from 1971 (Italian title is Il merlo maschio and film was widely previewed at that time in the skinflick fan press) and features Antonelli very early in her career. She's the wife of a cellist who is insanely jealous and believes other men are looking at her (duh!). Frequent breast and butt nudity, 'way too many scenes to count, and her body is at its youthful pneumatic peak here -- besides which, she's cute as a button. Four stars don't seem enough.

Venus In Furs (1969)
Serna was written on October 15, 2007

Nude throughout in fetish film

This film has something for every fetishist: furs, whips, leathers, voyeurism galore and lesbian maids!
Laura Antonelli is a Euro stunner who disrobes continuously: full on. Lovely arse shots. The sex scenes where she is making love don't quite have enough passion for me so I haven't quite given it four stars.
Lots of good stuff though.

Malizie di Venere, Le (1969)
Cyclone was written on December 5, 1999

Totally nude while being spied on

Laura has a gorgeous body, and she shows it off with some regularity in this film. She gets naked a few times, but my favorite scene was early in the movie when she is being spied on. We get to see her in the shower, and also when she is drying off. Breasts, butt, and bush are all shown, and we also get a couple of good close-ups. This is definitely worth seeing if you want to see this stunning woman at her most beautiful.

Collector's Item (1969)

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